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What Is the Difference Between React.js and React Native?

ReactJS is a javascript library that allows you to create a dynamic user interface. Facebook maintains it, and it was open-sourced in 2013. It supports both the front-end and the server-side. They launched React Native two years later. React Native is a framework for creating cross-platform mobile apps.

However, there are major distinctions between them that you should be aware of to make an informed selection for your own application development decisions eventually. You may also look at fresh app ideas for startups; in the meanwhile, we’ll discuss the differences between ReactJS and React Native.

The Foundation and the Requirements

ReactJS is a javascript library utilized to create websites. Your project will necessitate the use of bundler modules such as Webpack.

React Native is a full-fledged framework that comes with everything you need and probably won’t need anything else.

Document Object Model

ReactJS enables the rendering of any form of HTML, SVG, or Canvas. It updates pages in parts, which makes it quicker than alternative full refresh models. It allows code components to be reused.

React Native: It does not render the app in HTML. It offers various alternative components, most of which can be translated to something comparable to HTML, but you won’t be able to reuse any libraries.


ReactJS: For animation, web applications developed with this framework rely on CSS or other Javascript libraries.

React Native: You must learn a whole new technique to do an animation, in this case. It includes an API named Animated.


ReactJS: The React-router is used for navigating on the web pages created here.

React Native: For the same reason, it provides a separate library called Navigation.

It barely makes sense to compare them because the outcomes were more or less equally successful in both cases.

The Coding Procedure

ReactJS allows you to execute a single piece of code across all platforms, which saves time and effort when developing applications.

React Native: In this case, you must define codes for each platform, which requires more time and work than ReactJS.

The bottom line is that these systems were never intended to be compared in the first place, given they are in completely distinct fields. ReactJS is a JavaScript framework for developing user interfaces and online apps that supports both front-end web and server-side execution. React Native is a mobile framework that generates native app components, allowing you to develop native mobile apps for various platforms (iOS and Android) in JavaScript that allows you to use ReactJS to construct your components and implement ReactJS under the hood. You can learn more about what makes React such a popular choice for companies.

In essence, React Native is only a byproduct of React. It is a platform for developing native JavaScript apps. To build native apps before React Native, you had to master Java for Android or Objective-C for iPhone and iPad. As a business owner, once you’ve gone through all of this material, you may want to employ a React developer to build up a website and/or mobile application to extend your operation. If you’re looking for a range of activities that you may need to handle, you can also look into our development services.