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React Vs React Native Web– Comparison Guide For 2021

Many times we wonder – what is the difference between React and React-native web? Many people think that they are the same thing. But that’s not the case and there are some differences between these two.

If you have an app in React and you want a web version of the app you should know React-native web. React-native web can make your apps run on the web with the help of React DOM.

Comparison between React and React Native web

React web was first and then came react-native who was before react-native for the web.

React Native was built by the concept of conversing jsx to Html by using virtual Dom. Programmers thought of a way to simplify the process of writing code by writing one code instead of two codebases. So the thing was to write one code and to convert the code into Html, java, and objective c. From this method was born React native web.

Is React out of date now, or can React work together with React native web?

You can build your website with react native web, but my advice is to use it when you are building web and app versions together, or if you have an app but you also want a web version. You should probably go with React if you are building it only for the website.

Advantages of React over React native web

  • Easy syntax (div, h1, h2, h3, p, etc.). If you have some background in Html, you will see that the syntax is the same, which is not the case with react native. React native syntax (view, text, etc.).
  • It is easier to inspect the elements, and you can easily make the changes in the Html. In react native, there is no way to change the Html, so basically, you need to change the code in the editor by yourself.
  • You can easily install react packages, while that is challenging with react native web.
  • React has better documentation and is more stable, while React native web is a new technology, and there isn’t any documentation.

Advantages of React native web over React

  • If you have a codebase in react native, then you can run the same code on the web with almost no changes.
  • React native web is a perfect choice if you are building both app and web versions.

Fundamentals of using the react native web.

  • Easy to start (the setup is very easy with the expo)
  • Great development experience (You will gain a lot of benefits with using the expo kit, such as great reloading)
  • Navigation (The most popular navigation library called react-navigation for react-native)
  • Styling (The styling components is the same for react native and react native web)
  • Great community support (React native web is a new technology, and it doesn’t have community support like react. But lucky for you, there are a lot of helpful websites where you can search for answers and ask for questions)