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How to Find and Hire a Desktop Applications Developer

If you want to find and hire a desktop application developer, the first thing to do is identify the kind of programmer you need.  There is a difference between a desktop application and a mobile application and, while the demand for mobile application developers is strong, the demand for programmers who can work in the desktop area is even stronger.

Now that you know the difference between developers and decided you need one that works desktop applications here are some steps toward hiring:

Understand the developer’s challenges. Showing an interest in the work and becoming familiar with the “jargon” is beneficial to the two of you.  Although each developer has his/her style of working, some challenges are shared.

  • Developing applications that seamlessly work across several platforms. It’s one of the daily challenges.
  • Choosing the right technologies for the job
  • Python provides flexibility, but there are others from which to choose
  • Distributed applications need to be created and managed so that multiple users have access to the same software at the same time.  This is not only convenient for the developer but is one of the most significant challenges for the desktop application developer.

Now that you know what type of developer you need and can understand the challenges well enough to discuss the work. It’s time to find one.

  • First of all, ignore scouring social networks.  Programmers don’t (for the most part) spend time socializing with members ignorant of application development.  Instead, head for the appropriate forums
  • MSDN forums are the go-to sites for desktop developers who build Windows applications.
  • The Apple Development Forums is for programmers who develop for Mac desktops.
  • Linux forums provide abundant Linux-specific information.

Developers who build apps for multiple operating systems rely on Objective-C, Java. Ruby, and Python forums.

The competition is rough, but armed with a little knowledge makes the finding and hiring easier.