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Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Magento for Their Online eCommerce Store?

While there are several platforms to choose from, Magento has to be mentioned as one of the best if we’re talking about eCommerce platforms. All the time, companies are trying to increase sales and promote their business. 

Generally, a platform must be used to build websites, and Magento is top of the list. Magento is currently trending and has been implemented in types of businesses from retail to healthcare.

Being a free platform, Magento does also offer extra features and plug-ins. Users can use different themes to cater to their specific needs. Assistance from Magento professionals is also available.  

There are some statistics about Magento to put things into perspective. First, well over 200,000 websites actively use Magento. You can double that number for lifetime users overall. 

At 12% of eCommerce users choosing Magento, the platform is ranked third in the best available software.

Magento competes with names such as Wix and Shopify, and a few major names that use Magento are Ford, Coca-Cola, Fox Connect, Olympus, and Warby Parker. Reasons for choosing Magento will be listed below. Magento is a strong candidate for being the best option.


Magento is very affordable and is based on the features that are actually needed for app 

development. It is not a flat rate and therefore eliminates paying for features that won’t be used. Maintenance fees are reduced because Magento is cloud-based. The platform can be fine-tuned and integrated to the customers’ satisfaction.

  • Supportive Community 

Bloggers, developers, and project managers are generally the people involved in the Magento platform. The community supports each other and overcomes any obstacles in using the platform. Over 360,000 people make up the current Magento community. 

Included in this is the option to hire a Magento developer to assist with all developmental phases.

  • Multiple Sites

Magento consolidates multiple online alternatives within its own platform. This management simplifies tasks and cuts down the time required to do so. Users have the ability to create an online store through the dashboard. This is a big factor for developing a website quicker with less time and effort.

  •  Open Source

Users can download the free app if they wish to access Magento. This easy-to-use app can be downloaded for free and used to create a custom experience and website. Also, internal website development services can be utilized to assist in the process.  

  • SEO Friendly

Magento deals with SEO-friendly features as well as other multi-functional features. Magento allows users to pick a focus point from URL structures to layers. Also, site ranks can be increased with plug-ins and extensions, creating the “perfect” website.  

  • Above Par Performance

Magento is known for having the best overall performance. One of the focal points for Magento is to reduce the amount of load time for pages and other analytical operations. Sites can be customized with over 1,000 different extensions and add-ons, and new extensions are constantly in the works.

  • Payment methods

Magento made its mission to simplify payment methods and incorporate the most common methods so as not to exclude anyone. Payments are available to be made via Paypal, Amazon, Google Pay, Phone Pay, and This increases methods and better allow people with limited payment methods to be included.

  • Able to Integrate

Magento has the ability to integrate with third-party sites relatively easily. When Magento was designed, it included Google products such as Google base, Analytics, and Google base. This further simplifies site design and allows for more customization. 

Magento is a name that is trusted and proven. It should be chosen in place of its competition due to its integration abilities and overall cost. Whatever eCommerce need you have, Magento should be considered as a strong candidate for your website development platform.

10 Magento Statistics You Should Know About

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that was first launched in 2008. If you plan to start your online business, you are probably wondering which platform to choose to organize your business. 

Here are ten Magento statistics to convince you why you should choose this platform for your business. 

More than 250 000 merchants use Magento. 

With more than 250,000 merchants using Magento, the platform is one of the world’s top three eCommerce platforms. The other two that are most popular are Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Sites based on Magento between March 2017 and August 2018 

The number of websites that are using Magento has been growing rapidly ever since 2011. But between March 2017 and August 2018, Magento-based websites doubled – a sure indicator that the platform’s solutions are of great use for online businesses. 

There are more than 5 000 extensions.

Magento provides an opportunity to personalize your online store as much as you want. Thanks to the available more than 5,000 plugins, applications, and extensions, you can easily find the solution you need.  

Magento takes 1.4% of the CMS market share.

Most websites use a Content Management System – and in 2020, Magento takes 1.4% of the CMS market share. 

The biggest part of Magento websites is in the USA.

Websites all over the world use Magento, but the biggest part of Magento users is based in the US – a whopping number of 9.5%. Magento is also very popular in West Europe, especially in Italy, Germany, France, and Sweden, as well as in Canada, Australia, and India. 

More than 20% of Magento users are on the Internet Retailer Top 1000 list

202 – or more than 20% – of the top 1000 e-retailers in the US and Canada are Magento users. This means that Magento is the most popular eCommerce CMS. Because the platform can be scaled easily and provides flexibility, businesses of all sizes, as well as big enterprises, choose to use Magento for their online websites. 

Some of the top brands use the Magento platform. 

It is easy to create a customized online store with Magento and provide extensive business solutions. There are huge brands that choose Magento for their websites, such as Omega Watches, Ford, Bulgari, Christian Louboutin, Pepe Jeans, Liverpool FC, Land Rover, and Harvey Nichols. Despite the heavy traffic, Magento does not disappoint.  

There are more than 150 000 Magento developers over the world.

With Magento, you can create a simple online store or a very complex platform with its own warehouse management system and CRM. It might not be as simple as other platforms for users, but developers like working it Magento because they are able to find the optimal solution for their customers. 

Online eCommerce sales on Magento are expected to go beyond the $200 billion mark by 2020

Magento continues to grow, and it is expected that the merchandise volume will surpass the $200 billion mark in 2020. 

Magento is the 3d world-popular eCommerce software.

Powering 12% of the eCommerce world, Magento takes third place in the largest eCommerce platforms. 

Given these statistics and the fact that Magento can meet all your requirements and needs no matter your business’s size, consider using this platform to optimize and scale your online store.