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Laravel vs Symfony in 2022: Which PHP Framework to Choose?

For several years now, Laravel and Symphony have been in the limelight to keep the leading PHP custom web development positions. They basically help to speed things up and make their codes leaner. Both frameworks offer fast and smooth web development and can also help build applications that meet the desired business requirements.

A brief overview of Laravel

It is an open-source PHP framework that requires minimal configuration. For creating apps, Laravel reuses the components it derives from various frameworks. It was created for better convenience with a broader array of tools to serve as a robust PHP framework. Laravel is widely recognized for its easy and fast coding approach; some of the features which make it highly effective for building web apps in PHP. Laravel maintains its popularity among custom software businesses and developers because of some of the features it possesses;

Template engine; which is easy to use in creating beautiful layouts and robust content using specific templates

Artisan; a command-line interface used in Laravel for programming tasks. The time spent developing applications is reduced with its use, and codes can be written with much clarity.

Eloquent ORM; this tool enables web developers to interact with databases without using programming languages.

MVC architecture; which helps software developers to build well-structured applications with clear presentations.

Unit testing; Laravel encourages code testing and duly provides testing kits.

Libraries; add to the full functionality of the framework, quick response, and the development of effective applications.

Security; Laravel framework possesses specific tools that help protect the codes of various applications from cyber hackers.

A brief overview of Symfony

A web app PHP framework with a large community with various open-source projects. Its use also extends to different computing platforms. This framework helps web developers to have a substantial array of tools with remarkable features. Some of the features it possesses include;

– Bundles; a collection of well-structured files that developers can use to build numerous applications while also cutting down on time and resources spent in developing an app.

– Components; they help in automating regular tasks. These framework components can also be used in other forms, as they help to proffer relatively easy web development solutions.

Customization; this framework has numerous features that help a developer to build an app in their unique way.

– MVC architecture; helps create web apps that are appropriately structured with clarity of business type. It controls all of the executions of the website.

Others include elaborated documentation and security components.

Laravel Vs Symfony?


Symfony is great for complex web applications that do not require standard development with remarkable features. However, Laravel is better suited for handling smaller projects requiring rapid implementation.


Software developers with expertise in Symfony can optimize the framework for high scalability and fast performance. In contrast, Laravel has a simple user experience with a swift experience.

Database access;

The database in symphony automates the migration of all data. Whereas, Laravel web developers utilize an eloquent database that requires manual data migration.


Symfony supports YAML, PHP, and XML languages. In contrast, Laravel works only on PHP.