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How to Hire the Perfect Junior Developer

Often time, the manager of a software development team makes the mistake of seeking qualified individual outside the organization body to fit into a sensitive group like support, customer service department, project management department, administrative department and so on.

They do this by investing so much a time that could have been ventured into staff development of individuals within his team who shows a ready mind to learn and passion for career advancement.

The conventional method of recruiting a new member into your team can be a good idea but the time imputed into the process of portfolio check and documents assessment could also be used in training these new recruits within their department into becoming productive junior developers.

This idea of seeking and Recruiting Readymade developers to perfectly fit into your organization can be so frustrating when these new recruits exhibit very poor customer services, full of complaints,  a questionable personality and unnecessary concern over members view.

While software developers within your team are already acquitted with so much activity that has kept your organization in good shape. Therefore, appropriate grooming of these onboard developers in other facets could enhance greater performance you need.

 Coding languages are easier to learn than customer empathy and product insight.

Another excellent method that the software development manager uses in driving his team to proficiency and growth is looking out for potential individual within his team or organization who shows interest in coding and ready to learn.

Most of the non-technical staff of your organization may have the intellectual substance of becoming a great developer.  All they need is training and practice because these set of talented individuals already know about your product, have grounded experience in maintaining a unique customer service relation and also know about customer regular demands and so on.

 Resisting the resistance to hiring outside of traditionally trained engineers

There is a general belief that engineers are extremely introverts, not a customer kind of people. This mindset requires that in choosing or selecting a potential developer in other departments, you must be sure to train them to become good developers and/or technicians.

This might be right so that your team could comprise skilled individuals to help drive your organization forward. These traditionally trained engineers are quickly detected due to their excellent customer services and productivity. So hiring from these set of trained individuals will improve the team performance and customer relations.

Onboarding new hires who are already on board

To afford countless benefits as a software development team manager, exhibit or practice internal recruiting system. This is because the level of the connection and understanding between various departments is a very good catalyst for rapid growth.

Therefore, the experienced manager knows from the outset that recruiting from those already onboard is better compared to hiring a new set of developers outside the team. Those who practice external recruitment are faced with personality clash of employees, series of uncontrollable insubordination and lack of proper customer services at the early stage.

To avoid these experiences require you to practice more of internal recruitment of employees than external recruitment.

Another benefit you can derive from onboard hiring is a rapid growth of your organization due to the open-mindedness of your team members, improved customer service relation, empathy, customer concern and honesty among members of your team.

Customized training to make Job-ready junior developers

When you consider and compare the cost of finding and hiring developers outside your organization to training your employees along with a specific language or framework, you will know why it is so important to up-skilling your team.

Many of these potential developers might not even know how to become one but your system of training will help shape them into what will transform your organization for good.

To further save you the stress of reviewing numerous portfolios online in the search of qualified individuals and reduce time wastage in looking out for talented people when career pathed of your team members cost almost nothing than training them, it is best suggested to train your developers along that needed framework to move your team forward.