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What it Takes to Hire a Node.js Developer

Node is an important part of the JavaScript ecosystem and is also very relevant in web development. It works as an environment where one can develop apps. Developers use it to build real-time applications such as messaging applications.

Things You Should Look Out for When Hiring a Node.js Developer

A Node.js developer should possess basic skills like logical thinking, communication skills, design thinking that will be fundamental in the course of carrying out the work.

The perfect candidate should have the ability to understand JavaScript, the working environment and should know how these processes work. The ability to debug and integrate modules is also very important.

Many people who claim to be node.js developers only know how to do copy and paste, they do not bother about integration and also testing the application to check for issues and possible challenges in the nearest future.

Another thing worthy of consideration is if the candidate for the job has experience in using Node.js. Where it can be shown that the candidate has already used Node.js, it will give him a competitive edge over others. It is even greater when one meets a candidate that has also contributed their code to the ecosystem.

Relevant Skills a Node.js Developer Should Possess

A Node.js developer should be proficient in JavaScript and Node.js. Working knowledge of functional programming, storage of data, functional programming, etc. is required.

Also, the Node.js developer needs practical skills such as the experience of using npm registry, Github repository, standard style of JavaScript, WebSockets, Dockers, etc. He should be able to follow-up on applications using tools such as Prometheus and the others to identify when something is wrong in the Node.js application.

A good Node.js developer should be able to use the newest version of LTS Node.js to ensure that there is stability and to enjoy other new features to it. An experience that is beyond HTTP and the proven ability to handle all security issues that could arise such as data validation, HTTP headers, session management, dependencies, etc.

Where a Node.js developer is experienced with the JavaScript frameworks and also knows how to handle crashes, he makes a good fit for hire. He should be able to scale apps on several servers and balance loads.

Locating the Right Node.js Developer for You

If you are searching for  Node.js developers, you have the option of outsourcing or hiring a team of developers to work on your project where they work full-time on your project while making use of their resources in carrying out the work.


Hiring an Aurelia Developer

In the process of creating a successful web application, a very challenging decision that needs to be made will choose a particular JavaScript framework to make use of. With a load of options to so many libraries and frameworks that are available today, it may be difficult if not hard to carefully pinpoint which one is the most appropriate or the best fit to meet your requirements and needs. In most instances,  only the big, well-known, and well-established players like AngularJS and React are regarded, while the smaller, lesser, and newer players are not given that much attention. But, essential, these ignored and smaller technologies that are yet to come to the spotlight needs to be given a chance, because, frankly speaking, a lot of them may have the potentials of offering benefits that may be missed if other traditional frameworks are chosen and considered more. Furthermore, along this list, uncommon and less popular but definitely competent JavaScript frameworks that can be used to create is ‘Aurelia.’ Let’s take a look and find out if Aurelia is truly a must-have knowledge for remote and bubbly JavaScript developers.

Aurelia Framework Interface: An Introductory Overview

Basically, Aurelia is a very young and upcoming JavaScript framework, having been released in 2015 and developed by a previous AngularJS developer named Rob Eisenberg, Aurelia aims to be the next-generation of a JavaScript framework that’s unlike any other framework that is already out there and in the face of people – even other well-known frameworks. Among some defining features that Aurelia have are:

Forward-thinking Processes – Aurelia is created and written using ECMAScript 6 and 7, which happens to be the latest programming standards that are followed by JavaScript.

High modularization rate – Aurelia is made up of several small libraries which may be used individually or together as a group. What this means is that a coder can simply select any random number of libraries from a collection of options without having to worry about their dependencies on and with each other.

Adaptive ability to bind data – Aurelia makes it super easy for developers to implement a one-way, two-way, or other ways in which data can be held strategically depending on particular application requirements. Also, it can even accommodate the strategic data binding mechanisms of imported libraries from other sources.

Availability of Extensible HTML – Aurelia makes use of a powerful templating compiler which permits developers to effortlessly create custom HTML elements, attributes, useful and reusable HTML components

As an upcoming JavaScript framework, Aurelia is still building its user base for a better experience. According to BuiltWith … a web technology analysis website, a huge majority of Aurelia users are from the United States, and a couple of others come from Europe, Japan, and Canada.

According to a leading developer of Aurelia JavaScript framework, it has a never-seen and first of its kind adaptive data binding feature, which makes two-way data binding between JavaScript and DOM (including web components) successful and easy to carry out. Aurelia framework consists majorly of a compilation of different unique components, which makes it very adjustable for literally any application to be used along with its packages. That is why this single framework is finding huge popularity among businesses.

11 Advantages of Hiring JavaScript Developers for Website Apps Creation 

Are you contemplating hiring JavaScript developers for your next website application? Then this is the most excellent guide for you. This article illustrates 11 advantages of engaging JavaScript developers.

The first advantage is the simple and smooth hiring process.  Numerous organizations like ours make it possible for customers to get excellent services. One can hire a JavaScript developer seamlessly. This is because it makes the hiring process smooth. This improves efficiency in the organization.

The second advantage is that a competent individual can control the design structure. Catchy design outlay is commonplace in most websites. This is what all clients would also want their apps to look like. JavaScript Developers can easily make this happen thanks to their specialization.

The third advantage is the capability to handle uncomplicated demands instantly. Perfect JavaScript programming is usually linked to passion among specialists. From such passion, a perfect, timely and efficient website is a guarantee.

The fourth benefit is the timely delivery of your program. JavaScript developers ensure a well-timed release of your application. This is due to the fact that these programmers are very qualified and competent enough to create an effective program. They are also able to keep track of the application’s development.

The fifth advantage is the capability of JavaScript developers to come up with programs at the most cost-efficient manner.

A JavaScript developer also has vast knowledge transcending both front and back ends. This means that they can take care of the needs of both the client and the client’s customers. They are fully in the know of new technological improvements and work effectively to bring forth the best quality website products.

The seventh advantage is the capability to create a one-stop package thanks to extensive specialization in the field. A JavaScript developer is thus a library of all the qualities of website creation. Maximum benefits in web development can thus be drawn from a JavaScript specialist.

The eighth advantage is that JavaScript developer carter for all the required features about the intended website. Assignment of NDA to the website ensures privacy hence making the information protected. This is accompanied by intellectual property rights for the website products.

The ninth advantage is the capability of the JavaScript developer to upgrade the web or app. This is important to organizations as it helps secure profitability. JavaScript developers, therefore, offer up to date websites.

The tenth advantage is the ability to present a high-performance website product. End-users tend to dislike slow performing websites and applications. JavaScript developers are in a position to mitigate this negatively impacting quality.

The last benefit in this list is the ability to track the performance of the developed application. Application owners have to work on improving their software from time to time. JavaScript developers are always able to provide this essentially important service.

In conclusion, if you are planning to create an online appearance for your business or revamp an old website, then you should hire JavaScript developers!



How to Hire a JavaScript Developer

JavaScript has a very wide application and usage. A lot of people now require the services of a Javascript developer. You have to be careful about hiring a developer. It requires you to put time and effort into it. Here we present a list of what to do if you want to hire a good software developer as well as how to ensure that your developer is capable after giving him the job.

Creating Your Job Description

The first step to hiring a candidate is by creating awareness about the position you want to be filled. You have to make sure that you give important information about the job you want to give out. Such information would normally include your organization’s vision and mission statement, a quick but adequate description of the job which will entail what you expect from the candidate in terms of skills, abilities, qualifications, and responsibilities.

Get a template on JavaScript job description – it will contain the basic requirements for a JavaScript developer – and make minor adjustments to suit your personal requirements. Ensure you clearly state the particular JavaScript technology you want to apply for your project because developers have different areas of expertise.

Develop a Plan of attack

There are several JavaScript developers out there. It is not easy, however, to pick out the good ones from the lot and you have to be meticulous in your planning for you to be able to hire a seasoned developer.

Make sure your interview is well planned. Put early filtering stages in place so that the unfit candidates can be sieved out before getting to the technical interview stage. This will ensure that the technical interview team will not be overwhelmed by too many candidates, many of whom are not up to the task, thereby preventing a colossal waste of time and resources.

Prepare Interview Questions

You have to be careful in selecting your interview questions. An interview question which is not relevant to the job can turn off a candidate, especially the top ones because they tend to deem such question unnecessary and out of place. You should try to ask questions that relate to general intelligence, combining them with simple JavaScript questions and stick as much as possible to questions which border on the project you have at hand. The main JavaScript questions should be left for the technical interview team. If you are not a JavaScript expert yourself, never ask questions on topics you do not know much about.

Search Better

You are more likely to get better developers if you look for them at the right places. You can get many qualified developers by looking for them where they are. This might require you to attend JavaScript conferences, search online communities and Cs departments of universities. You can get a lot of talented and dedicated developers via these channels.

Ensuring That You Have Hired the Right Developer

Check for Common Mistakes

Look out for common mistakes which may arise due to complacency on the part of the developer. Ensure that your team avoids making these mistakes and that they take full responsibility for the quality of their work.

Ensure they Follow Best Practices

Enquire about the tools your employees are using and make sure they use the best tool required by a particular problem the proper way. Make sure they are knowledgeable about the workflow and technology interfaces of your team.

Choosing a Full Stack Developer – What You Should Know

What is a full stack developer? A full stack developer is a developer that is knowledgeable in everything. They are all-in-one programmers. They are known as end-to-end developers. They can build a website on their own, do the coding, presentation, database, and infrastructure.

When to Hire a Full Stack Developer?

Knowing what a full stack developer do will help you know when to hire them. You should hire a full stack developer if you need someone for the following:

  • Create and develop a live website for you
  • Troubleshoot web issues, both technical (interface) and software related concerns
  • Provide testing techniques for apps
  • Web development management

A full stack developer is someone that can understand and perform tasks related to JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Apache, etc.

Finding a Full Stack Developer

Finding a full stack player can be challenging as most developers are focused on only one stack or area of expertise. The best way to find a full stack developer is through online freelancing platforms like Upwork, StartupHire, LinkedIn, among others.

When looking for a full stack developer, you have to check a few things. Ask for the skills they have. This is beyond having a computer science degree. It involves expertise in using different software, app programs, and multiple software languages.

A full stack developer must be an expert in both client and server system (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Ruby, Rails).

Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developer

There is no exact list of what a full stack developer can do. The pay of a full stack developer is higher as compared to other developers. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a full stack developer that you should be aware of.

  • Hiring a full stack developer can save you time. You can screen one candidate for the entire project instead of interviewing different candidates for different stack or area
  • You can save money. You only have to pay one person for the entire project instead of paying a whole team

Tips When Hiring a Full Stack Developer

Since you are looking for an expert, ask for samples. Ask your candidate developer for a sample of their work or portfolio.

It is better to work with someone who already did a few projects in the past. Avoid working with a newbie because they might use your project as a training ground. If they can show code samples from Github or Gitlab, then it would be better.

If you are picking from an online platform, check for client reviews.

To sum it up, hiring a full stack developer can be a smart move if you know what to look for and where to look at. If you know where to find a reliable full stack developer, then you can give it a try. Once you tried working with a single person in creating your next website, you might find yourself entrusting your future projects to a full stack developer.