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List of Java Application Developer Responsibilities and Skills

Java is a very powerful general-purpose computer programming language that lets application developers “write once, run anywhere” (meaning once they code in Java, they can run the applications on almost any platform). It is a very versatile software and one of the most popular in use, particularly for client-server web applications, with a reported 9 million developers. The wide use of this software has thus, necessitated a high demand in the services of Java Application Developers.

Java application developers are programmers who design, develop and integrate Java into business applications, websites, and softwares.  These are the people who make Java Programming Services possible. Mentioned below are a few of these Programming Services:

  • Custom Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Interactive Websites
  • Android Applications
  • Software Tools
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Cloud Applications

Responsibilities of Java Application Developers

The roles and responsibilities of Java Application Developers are very crucial in the companies and organizations where they work and therefore it is essential that they are made specific and clear. Among these responsibilities are;

  • Writing well designed, testable and efficient Java applications.
  • Ensuring designs are in compliance with specifications.
  • Developing a technical layout and design for the software applications.
  • Preparing and producing releases of Software components.
  • Identifying the application issues both in production and non-production ecosystems.
  • Participating in Software and Architectural development activities.
  • Recommending changes to improve established Java application processes.
  • Conducting software analysis, programming, testing and debugging.
  • Managing Java application development framework and environments.
  • Investigating alternatives and technologies.

 Essential Skills needed by Java Application Developers

In order to successfully and efficiently perform their required roles and duties, it is necessary that Java App developers be very knowledgeable about the use of the following software development tools:

  • Oracle database SQL and JDBC

They should have adequate knowledge of Oracle SQL, relational, and ORM.

  • Java XML Parsing, Coding

They should be strong at Java XML parsing and coding.

  • Enterprise Java Bean (EJB)

They should have a strong knowledge of the Enterprise Java Bean environment.

  • J2EE Framework

They should have a strong command over Java J2EE framework.

  • I Text for RTF Generation

They should have a comprehensive understanding of the use of I Text for RTF generation.

  • Java-based web services

They should be well knowledgeable about web services based on Java technology.

  • Java Servlet Technology

They should have deep knowledge of Java Servlet and Applets.

  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design

They should have adequate knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOP).

  • Perl and Python

They should properly understand the use of Python, Perl, JavaScript and other platforms as an added advantage.

  • Linux/Unix Windows Platform and Solaris

They should have essential knowledge of Linux, Sun Solar System, Windows, and other operating systems.

In addition to all these skills, it is necessary that a Java developer possess certain qualities that will enable him/her to tackle the challenges of this job, which include learning new programming languages and effective problem-solving.