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Why Staff Augmentation Is a Great Solution for Your IT Projects

Those in the industry are highly concerned about the difficulty in filling IT vacancies. There have been many reports released. The Gartner report, in particular, starts that there will be approximately 1 million IT programming jobs unfilled by 2020.

Instead of continuing to struggle with finding IT staff, many m¡companies are turning to IT augmentation, an outsourcing strategy that hires offshore individuals or whole teams for the duration of a project. The outsourcing company will also assume the responsibility of team management.

IT staff augmentation is an amazing way to get expert professionals working on your project as quickly as possible so you aren’t losing money having to wait for your in-house recruitment process to come through. This article is going to cover the ins and outs of IT staff augmentation and how you can benefit from it.

Finding the Talent You Require

When you look to fill a position yourself, it is a long and difficult process and sometimes we end hiring someone who isn’t exactly right, but, hey, the position is filled. Unfortunately, by hiring someone who doesn’t have the right qualifications, you run the risk of not producing a quality product or there are further delays.

Outsourcing companies have access to an incredibly extensive talent pool. As long as you have clearly defined your project needs, an outsourcing company will be able to match your project with IT talent that is skilled in the areas you need.

A Speedy Process

Again, numerous studies have been carried out, but the recruitment process can take anywhere from 26 days to 6 weeks. In the world of IT, this is far too long. In that time, another company may have released your product beforehand. An IT outsourcing company can do the same thing but in just a few days.

Not only are they able to match the right skills that you need, but an IT outsourcing company is also able to match other qualities in a candidate, making sure that your new team member fits in with the team and is up to speed with the project specifics.

As it is the outsourcing company will contract the employee, you need to ensure that all of the working terms and employee responsibilities are clearly stated in your contract with the outsourcing company. It is wise to include a non-disclose agreement to protect your ideas.

IT Staff Augmentation Reduces Your Costs

More than half of companies said they have been attracted by IT staff augmentation because of the possibility to reduce their outgoings. Here are some of the ways an outsourcing company can save you money:

  • When working with offshore specialists, the rates are lower. You might be concerned about the fee you would pay the outsourcing company, but this is less than what you would spend on the difference in salaries, benefits, and taxes.
  • There will be fewer people in your location, which will reduce operating costs, for example, electric consumption. You also don’t need to buy additional equipment or even hire extra office space when your individual or team is working remotely.
  • You can hire IT professionals for the length of the project rather than a full-time staff that may not be useful once the project has been completed. You will be able to choose temporary or part-time workers, whatever your project needs.

In Conclusion

IT staff augmentation is getting bigger and bigger and will become one of the most popular solutions to the talent shortage in the IT industry. Financially, you will be better off as you can take advantage of an extremely qualified specialist at lower rates. Your vacancy can be filled in a fraction of the time, ensuring your project starts earlier. On top of this, you will be free to focus your effort on your company, rather than trying to recruit in an almost impossible market!