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iOS vs. Android App Development

In this article, you’ll be given an overview of iOS vs. Android app development.

While choosing which one to go for, many factors should be considered before making a decision. The three main factors to consider are the target audience, the potential of each platform, and the development process.

Target Audience:

Your target audience is the most important factor to consider while deciding to choose a platform. You do not want to waste your effort, resources, and time on the wrong audience. Here are a few factors to look for while choosing the platform, according to the audience.

Market Share: 

Android’s market share was 87% of the global market, as of 2019, while iOS only had 13%. While this is a huge gap, it may change according to the geographical area. Such as in the United States, iOS has 59% market share while Android takes the lead through 92% of the shares in India. Therefore, the selection depends on your audience.

Demographic data:

Using demographic data may also provide you a good view of your options, here’s how:

IOS Demographics

  1. 29% more likely to be over 35
  2. 18% more likely to be women
  3. 37% more likely to be a college graduate.

Android Demographics

  1. Skew toward people ages 18–34
  2. 10% more likely to be male
  3. The average salary of about $37k

Development potential:

To get the best results possible, you also need to take; I consider the possibility of each kind of development. At the same time, one may be attractive, and the other may get more revenue. Here are some factors to consider while comparing the development potentials of both platforms:

  • Check their latest versions.
  • Check the essential features such as photo app, portrait mode, focus mode, smart reply, privacy controls, dark mode, sign-ins, and backups, etc.
  • Check the customizability options. It is seen that Android offers more customizability choices than IOS.

The Development Process:

The third factor to take into consideration in the development process. To analyze it better, focus on the following aspects:


Programming languages impact your development procedure. Your development team should be well-versed in the programming languages of the platform you choose. For example, for iOS, Objective-C, or Swift while for Android Java and Kotlin work. While style usually depends on the developer’s preference and tea, but it’s worth considering.

Complexity and Timeline:

While IOS app development is done only for a few devices. On the other hand, Android development has to worry about device divisions, thus making the process more time-consuming and complicated.

It should also be noticed that iOS app development has its complexities. The app has to be upgraded regularly and kept routinely maintained. Additionally, since iPhones become outdated rapidly, iOS apps have a shorter life.


The app development process and the potential they carry on the platform are a vital factor to consider.

You need to remember that your app is your product, which will be used by the audience, so think about your target audience.

If security and privacy matter to you, then the iPhone would be your choice. If you consider battery life and customization to be important factors, then go for Android. Ultimately, you should pay attention to the factors that matter to you, which may impact your decision.