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iOS Development: Comparing Swift to Objective-C

Swift is a general-purpose, compiled, high-level programming that came into existence in 2014 at Apple. It was developed to replace Objective-C and shares many features with it.

In this article, we will be looking at Swift and Objective-C to decide which one is best for your next iOS project.

1. Interoperability

Swift and Objective-C are interoperable, which means you can have the same codebase for your iOS app.  Objective-C being derived from C means it can interoperate with it. Also, you can use the extended libraries of C and C++ with Objective-C, which is not the case with Swift. But as mentioned earlier, Swift is interoperable with Objective-C.

Overall, the winner is Objective-C in this aspect.

2. Speed

Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C, as claimed by Apple. This is due to simpler syntax and compile-time error fixing.

3. Development Environment

The same IDE can be used to develop iOS apps in both Swift and Objective-C, in this case, XCode.

4. Syntax

Swift was developed to be a modern programming language.  Swift allows for automatic type inference, which means it requires fewer type declarations than Objective-C. Its syntax is more concise than Objective-C, which makes code easier to maintain and more readable.

5. Memory Use

Memory management works better in Swift since it uses Automatic Reference Counting(ARC), which means that you don’t have to bother with memory management yourself. This allows the freeing of memory when a class instance is no longer needed, whether you are in an object-oriented or procedural path.

Objective-C developers must be more cautious when managing memory, as ARC is only available in Cocoa API. Core graphics API doesn’t use ARC on the other end.

 6. Scalability

Swift offers better scalability than Objective-C. This ensures that your app will maintain performance in case of increased workload demand without the need to change the app. Clear syntax and object-oriented programming make adding features to your app easy.

Objective-C has a more tedious syntax making it difficult to write new features.

7. Community

Swift’s community is open-source. Resources are easily available to develop your projects.

Final Words

Of the two languages, Swift offers the most concise, easiest, and fastest way to build apps. It also uses less memory than Objective-C and is more secure since the risk of doing mistakes is lower.

 The Value of iOS Development in Business

Even though almost three-quarters of smartphone consumers use Android phones, Apple continues to lead in client paying potential. According to research, those who use Apple smartphones are more likely to pay for apps than Android devices. Given that Android is a free source, this should come as no surprise.

Aside from the earning possibilities, iOS users are often happier with their devices, allowing them to be the top option for business apps. Apple’s key values are great hardware, excellent customer service, and amazing software. This implies that iOS apps on Apple devices are less likely to crash. Each software functions properly, which is critical for business.


The latest trends in Mobile App Development

New iOS app development trends have resulted in more cost-effective, quicker, simpler, and smarter programming throughout the years. Mobile app development is expanding and improving. The cumulative payment to developers selling products and services through the App Store was more than 200 billion US dollars as of January 2021. The prior year’s results were 155 billion US dollars.

These enhancements also apply to the programming language used to create iOS applications. Many firms are presently flocking toward the Swift 5 programming language. The reasons are straightforward: it is scalable, adaptable, efficient, and extremely secure. Another factor contributing to this language’s success is its consistent Application Binary Interface (ABI). Swift and its libraries, based on current indications, will be included in the majority of iOS, macOS, wearables, and tvOS devices.

Augmented Reality (AR) and ARKIt are two more app development concepts to watch right now. ARKit 3 reality composer is required for individuals who want to create AR-based iOS apps. ARKit has several cutting-edge features that make it quite intriguing. For example, it has multiple face tracking and collaborative sessions, both of which are currently popular.

Last but not least, many firms are becoming increasingly interested in AI. According to a recent Accenture study, implementing AI technology in iOS apps would increase labor efficiency for organizations by up to 40%. This just serves to demonstrate that most current developments in mobile app development are bringing about big improvements that may be highly beneficial to organizations. 


The Benefits of Creating an iOS App

SMBs and Large Corporations

Expansion of the business into new markets

One of the most significant aims for every business’s development is to plant roots in as many nations as possible, beginning with established countries. Developing an iOS app can substantially help a company achieve this aim. In industrialized nations, iPhones and iPads are highly popular. Having an iOS app is one method to contact the people who use these devices and gain a strong position in those markets.

Customer Trust is Improved by Using a Highly Secure Platform

It is also critical that a firm not only focuses on creating faultless software but also on creating that app for a safe, reputable platform and has a plethora of other fascinating features. Because iOS has a reputation for being very secure, users may be certain that they are safe from external attacks. Most iPhone users are unconcerned about spyware and viruses, so they can even believe that their financial information is secure, allowing them to do more online transactions.

High Return on Investment

According to statistics, iOS apps have a reasonably good return on investment. This can lead to organizations having higher financial returns as a result of obtaining access to investment-worthy clientele. Therefore, a company’s reach will expand, providing greater value to its customers.

For New Businesses

Dedicated Customer

The IOS target audience is loyal, which is essential for the growth of any business, especially a new one. When developing an app for a business, you must ensure that your target audience will not go to another platform, leaving your app with a reduced user base. That is usually always the case with iOS.

Focus on Specialized Devices

Apple keeps a careful eye on the type and quality of its iOS devices. As a result, third-party gadgets do not support iOS. Because the operating system only works on one type of device with a defined quality and hardware specification, this helps businesses reduce app maintenance expenses. Simply expressed, there is no need to accommodate a wide range of device hardware characteristics.

10 Advantages of iOS Development for Businesses

Each January, Apple has a custom that they unveil measurements to demonstrate how well the App Store and iOS apps played out that year. The current year’s declarations fantastic notoriety and the entrance of iPhone apps. How about we see:

There are around 2.2M apps in the App Store. About 2,540 apps are rolled out on the App Store each day.

The App Store income recorded in Q2 2019 is around $ 25.5B, about 80 percent more than what Google Play Store earned.

Apple’s business is flourishing, and iPhone apps are individuals’ top pick. Organizations are hoping to catch a piece of the pie in apps that would make a rewarding arrangement by putting resources into iPhone application advancement for organizations.

Let us look at a portion of the advantages of putting resources into iPhone application improvement administrations:

1. Additional PAYING CLIENTS 

Despite having 75% of the cell phone showcase as Android users, Apple, despite everything wins with regards to the paying limit of customers. Apple users are more ready to pay on an application than Android users. One of the fundamental explanations for it is the open-source legacy of Android. Besides, the average expense of an Android application is $3.79, though, for an iOS application, it’s $2.01, making a large following of paying customers.

2. Extraordinary CONSUMER EXPERIENCE. 

iOS users are typically glad users, enabling them to be the first decision for a business application. With its ideal equipment, fantastic client service, and impeccable programming, Apple has built up a predominant brand in customer gadgets. When a user downloads an Android application, a portion of the app work, while some of them don’t, meanwhile, that is not the situation for Apple users. Every single iOS app works smoothly on an iPhone, giving an extraordinary client experience, which is consistently fundamental for business.


An organization develops its application to give better client support. The friendlier the app is, the better would be the organization’s relationship with the client. Apple users consistently acclaim about the managed condition of their gadget. Notwithstanding that, they likewise like the friendly and straightforward interface of iOS apps. These features can make the organization’s application increasingly friendly to use and support up its deals.


For a business, attracting new clients is likewise critical to keep up with its deals. iPhone has consistently been a friendly gadget for Tech-Savvy crowds. With a very much created iPhone application, organizations can improve their span for such individuals. Positioning an iOS app for a business is a creative method to introduce an organization that can additionally upgrade brand acknowledgment.


Founding the business and establishing the roots in remote nations is an absolute dream of each organization. iPhones are very well known in created countries like the US and UK, and having an iOS application empowers the organization to grow its tentacles in such countries. Because of the reputation of iPhones in these countries, the organization has a decent opportunity to take a firm substitute on their market.


While building up a business app, an organization needs to pick a stage with other energizing highlights that additionally give the most extreme degree of security to its users. iPhone users consistently remain safe from outside dangers. iOS provides a solid shield to infections and malware, settling on it an ideal decision for application improvement of a business.


Different gadgets use various forms of the Android framework. While developing an application for an android stage, the assortment of styles may expand the turn of events and testing time of the application. Apple has barely 20+ cell phones in the market. These cell phones have a low assortment of gadgets and the forms of iOS they use to empower the designers to make and test the application early and add advantages to the business as ahead of a development program as could be expected under the circumstances.


Android apps produce under 10% of the total cash spent on making it, which isn’t precisely gainful for a business. Utilizing iOS apps can lead an organization towards reliable accounts with higher income and expanded ROI. The adaptable iOS apps can oblige commendable venture customers and increasing the scope of business with improved worth.


iPhone users realize that it is so difficult to get an application acknowledged in an App Store as just ultimately tried and valuable apps are transferred on the App Store. When a client comes across a business application in an App Store, he quickly realizes that the organization must value the cost and his time as it got acknowledged in an App Store.


Although safety efforts are available to upgrade the security part of online installment, the iOS application makes it progressively secure for its users by encoding on the web bargains and eliminating dangers like phishing, hacking, etc.

The marketability of iOS and steady gadgets like the iPad and iPhone is making them increasingly essential to increase business deals and efficiency, and putting resources into this stage for a business application can be an insightful decision.


So far, we have seen the top favorable circumstances of iOS application advancement for organizations. This would make you lean towards the iOS application improvement stage for making further business apps. Security is perhaps the best component of iOS application improvement, which settles on it a favored decision of numerous organizations.

If you want to re-appropriate your mobile application development processes presently, then recruiting a dependable, versatile application developer could be a mind-boggling task for some business owners; luckily, we are here to help!