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How to Hire a JavaScript Developer

JavaScript has a very wide application and usage. A lot of people now require the services of a Javascript developer. You have to be careful about hiring a developer. It requires you to put time and effort into it. Here we present a list of what to do if you want to hire a good software developer as well as how to ensure that your developer is capable after giving him the job.

Creating Your Job Description

The first step to hiring a candidate is by creating awareness about the position you want to be filled. You have to make sure that you give important information about the job you want to give out. Such information would normally include your organization’s vision and mission statement, a quick but adequate description of the job which will entail what you expect from the candidate in terms of skills, abilities, qualifications, and responsibilities.

Get a template on JavaScript job description – it will contain the basic requirements for a JavaScript developer – and make minor adjustments to suit your personal requirements. Ensure you clearly state the particular JavaScript technology you want to apply for your project because developers have different areas of expertise.

Develop a Plan of attack

There are several JavaScript developers out there. It is not easy, however, to pick out the good ones from the lot and you have to be meticulous in your planning for you to be able to hire a seasoned developer.

Make sure your interview is well planned. Put early filtering stages in place so that the unfit candidates can be sieved out before getting to the technical interview stage. This will ensure that the technical interview team will not be overwhelmed by too many candidates, many of whom are not up to the task, thereby preventing a colossal waste of time and resources.

Prepare Interview Questions

You have to be careful in selecting your interview questions. An interview question which is not relevant to the job can turn off a candidate, especially the top ones because they tend to deem such question unnecessary and out of place. You should try to ask questions that relate to general intelligence, combining them with simple JavaScript questions and stick as much as possible to questions which border on the project you have at hand. The main JavaScript questions should be left for the technical interview team. If you are not a JavaScript expert yourself, never ask questions on topics you do not know much about.

Search Better

You are more likely to get better developers if you look for them at the right places. You can get many qualified developers by looking for them where they are. This might require you to attend JavaScript conferences, search online communities and Cs departments of universities. You can get a lot of talented and dedicated developers via these channels.

Ensuring That You Have Hired the Right Developer

Check for Common Mistakes

Look out for common mistakes which may arise due to complacency on the part of the developer. Ensure that your team avoids making these mistakes and that they take full responsibility for the quality of their work.

Ensure they Follow Best Practices

Enquire about the tools your employees are using and make sure they use the best tool required by a particular problem the proper way. Make sure they are knowledgeable about the workflow and technology interfaces of your team.