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Crucial Details You Should Consider When Hiring an Android Developer

Good Android Developers are not easy to find. Getting a bright idea for an Android mobile application is easy but finding the perfect Android developer is not. There are a lot of challenges that require attention before finding the best performer for the job.

What are this developer’s role and responsibilities?

To make this explanation simple, an android developer is someone who creates applications or devices that run or are compatible with the Android operating system. The developer should take into consideration all sizes and resolutions thus different types of devices and should know key basics and particularities that this platform owns. It is important to note that Android developers work either as freelancers or as participants in the outsourcing team.

The Skills

There are three levels of Android developers:

Junior Developers: These developers do not have a lot of experience and have just started working on applications and software developments. These things do not stop them and they do develop easy applications. They sometimes even work as assistants of middle or senior developers.

Intermediate/ Middle Android Developers: Developers in this level know how to perfectly work on Android-based projects.

Senior Android Developers: Senior developers have 5+ years of experience and have a lot of skills. These programmers lead large projects, supervise and usually work as team leaders.

You need to determine how complex your project is before hiring an Android developer. This will help you find the right developer for you, the one that has the right qualification. For example, if you need a small change a junior developer is the one for you but, if you need a big mobile application from scratch then, a staffing company is the one thing you need.

The Responsibilities

Able to design and build an application – Not only the developer should be able to design and build an application but also the developer should be able to detail its functionality, predict future bugs and write a clean code.

Partnership with a cross-functional team – Projects like these require additional specialists. When roles are assigned to the right people then the end piece is flawless.

External Databases and APIs – The developers you want to hire must own knowledge about databases and APIs that are extracted from software made by other developers. Your developers must be able to work and recognize codes written by other programmers.

Able to perform unit tests – Unit test performance is compulsory during the development process. These should be present after achieving each development cycle.

Bug fixing – Android developers should fix every single bug and every malfunction that appears.

Always updated – Android developers should also be able to learn