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Achieving Success in Your Business by Learning How to Hire QLIK Developers

A major factor that affects business is the ability to understand the enormous amount of data that is received, the conclusions that can be taken, and how the data is turned into useful actions. We will focus on Business Intelligence and the type of developers who use it.

Business intelligence is the collection of raw data, its analysis, and its presentation to others so that it can be used in a meaningful way.

The amount of data you receive will often depend on the activity and the size of your business. Here are some examples of when BI (business intelligence) is used:

  • When you collect information on the performance, clients, and processes of a company
  • When there are various sources of information
  • When there are difficulties understanding the raw data, or the amount of data can’t be handled correctly
  • When a decision can’t be made for lack of data
  • When there are issues setting a baseline of performance for employees, teams, or departments
  • When there are problems with KPIs

There are a number of modern technologies that collect, store and process data, including large amounts, yet sometimes, this is still not enough for managers and senior staff to understand. Let’s dig deeper into one of the solutions.

QLIK Overview

The History of Qlik

QlikTech (as it was originally known as) was founded in Sweden in 1993 and then moved to the U.S.A. It specializes in Business Intelligence and is an abbreviation for Quality, Understanding, Interaction, and Knowledge.

Its first role was as a single-user application for desktop computers. In 2005, it adopted a server-based equivalent. Qlik began to show its true colors one it began working with companies like Intel and HP. From here, it grew popularity across the whole world and is even used by the British police to help predict crime.

Qlik Products

There are a number of business solution-based products, for example, Qlik Sense, QlikView, Analytic Platform, and Qlik Core, to name a few. We are going to focus on two of these products as well as the ideal type of developer to work with them.

A look at QlikView

Not just a business intelligence solution, QlikView is also a business discovery tool. It’s used to store and process massive amounts of data. There are three primary components:

  • QlikView Desktop- extracts data, models and visualizes information.
  • QlikView Server- all applications are stored on a dedicated server. This allows for communication between apps and clients.
  • QlikView Publisher- for loading data from various sources and to deliver the final document to users.

A look at Qlik Sense

It’s not the same as QlikView, although it is powered by the same engine. With Qlik Sense, you can visualize your data by making reports, dashboards, and charts. Essentially, QlikView is aimed at analyzing data and Qlik Sense is for presenting the data in a suitable way for multiple users. It also has:

Qlik NPrinting- preparing visual reports based on the data that has been processed. There are several formats, channels, and methods of delivery. You can also create your own schedule.

Expressor- a dashboard for all the activities being carried out.

The Demand For Qlik Development

Granted, Qlik isn’t as commonly used as other business strategies and so the demand s moderate. There are 1.7 thousand U.S based listings for Qlik developers on In Europe, this figure is over 3 thousand for Qlik developers and tech consultants (taken from LinkedIn). There are more positions than there are developers.

The Curriculum of a Qlik Developer

The skill-set is rather specific for this type of developer and they can include:

  • Hands-on experience with QlikView as a developer and as a tech consultant
  • In-depth knowledge of several databases, including Oracle
  • An understanding of data-source integration, advanced scripting, customer software development, and development in QlikView
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server, QlikView Publisher, Oracle, Rally, and Salesforce
  • Knowledge of C, C++, and .Net

The CV should also include all experience with maths, the domain the developer used to work in, and the size of the companies they have worked in.