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A Summary of Hiring the Ideal PHP Developer for Your Project

PHP is a popular programming language that is used for developing websites and applications. It is simple to add a wide range of functional elements into your website or application project. It is functional, convenient, and easily integrated into websites driven by databases.

Because the syntax has been somewhat borrowed from Java, C, and Perl, it is perfect for developers who are just starting out. At the same time, there are numerous advanced features that appeal to more experienced developers looking to write desktop and cross-platform applications. It is supported by most servers and operating systems including Microsoft, iOS, Linux, and RISC OS.

What Should You Look for In PHP Developer?

Ideally, the candidate’s resume will have details of a bachelor’s or higher degree in a computer-related field and any diplomas or certificates they have earned in PHP related fields like web development, web design, or engineering. Some companies don’t lay so much importance on degrees today and look for other skills.

PHP skills that candidates may have

The list will give you some ideas as to the skills a PHP developer may have, although there may be more depending on an individual’s experience. Naturally, the first thing you will want to see is experience with PHP.

  • To be able to combine databases and data sources into one
  • An understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and know-how to hand-code it
  • Know the behavior and limitations of programming languages
  • Be confident in the basics of design principles
  • Experience in scaling
  • A background in open-source frameworks such as Joomla, osCommerce and Wikis
  • Experience working with tools, databases, and web services that developers frequently use

What are some of the frequent responsibilities of a PHP developer?

In the first place, the code that a PHP developer writes must be well designed and free from bugs through thorough testing. They will need to prepare the documentation for the developed products. During the development and testing stages, they should be able to optimize each part of the application or site, as well as the associated databases.

It is also possible that the PHP developer will be in charge of the implementation of data storage solutions, again, including databases but also key-value stores and blob stores. Finally, a PHO developer may be responsible for the use of visual development environments and if and when needed, debuggers.