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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Node.js as Your Enterprise App Developer

With the advance of technology, competition has increased in both big and small companies to come up with custom enterprise-grade applications. These applications can improve decision-making while providing simultaneous intelligence. For developing an enterprise-grade application, most companies will prefer to use the Node.js platform.

Node.js is as reliable as it is a strong app development platform. Not only does it fulfill a wide range of requirements in the modern business world, but it is excellent for developing real-time applications. Companies such as LinkedIn, Uber, and even Netflix have used Node.js in the development of their mobile apps.

Both established companies and startups have either implemented Node.js in their app development, or they have hired someone who is well versed in the Node.js system.

So why are we seeing this outstanding level of growth?

  1. Scalable and performance-oriented

Using Google Chrome’s V8 runtime as its base, Node.js is constantly updated with security and performance improvements that are similar to those V8 receives. Node.js is also capable of handling multiple connections at once time. Differing from other web app development platforms, Node.js only requires a single-thread to operate. It uses event loops and callbacks to simultaneously handle thousands upon thousands of connections.

Features such as the Cluster module and the PM2 process manager are also scalable entities. These tools help Node.js developers to deliver Node apps with scalability.

  1. Microservices pattern

When Node.js developers are hired by startups, they are responsible for creating basic applications. Each time any new features are added, they are done so efficiently with the use of the Node.js platform. Using the microservices pattern, front-end development companies are able to keep their employees all over the world while working on various parts of the same application. This also allows developers to create enterprise-level apps that are efficient in performance and demand less code.

  1. Multi-functional Teams

With Node.js, multiple teams are able to work on various aspects of the same application. While some teams may be writing the code, others may be testing or providing maintenance. With experts in different areas, it becomes possible to create a more innovative and productive collaboration using multiple teams across a diverse range of skills.

  1. Well-designed Development

If you want to create a cross-platform app for use on a desktop, Node.js can help. By hiring a Node.js developer, they are able to use the code from your already existing web app, turning it into a desktop version. This version is able to run smoothly across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This process also works the other way, with a developer being able to create a web app from a pre-existing desktop app. A Node.js developer can also access Google Chrome developer tools. These tools allow developers to debug desktop apps efficiently. Developer tools work across platforms as well, enabling code to be written for a Mac app, without the actual use of a Mac computer.

Trust is put in Node.js because of its capabilities to improve performance and code efficiently.

  1. The Node Package Manager Enterprise (NPM)

By using an NPM, developers are able to both install and update software packages with ease. They no longer need to re-write common features of packages from scratch. Using the Enterprise form of NPM also allows for more privacy and security, two things which big companies look for when storing confidential information in the cloud. The NPM Enterprise offers extra security and infrastructure that run behind a big company’s firewall. There are also advanced features and a private registry where companies can detect any vulnerabilities within their data.

  1. Continuous support 

One of the benefits of using Node.js is its ability to offer long-term, continuous support (LTS). This is a fact of which 61% of programmers find it to be a highly important asset. Not only does it allow developers to plan out development projects, but it is easy to implement new versions. To maintain its multifaceted applications, LTS seems to be the right move for Node.js, as there are many more opportunities for both developers and clients.

In Summation

Node.js allows developers to become experts. This unique platform creates exciting opportunities and possibilities that both developers and entrepreneurs can enjoy. Node.js isn’t going anywhere. In the future, it will only continue to influence developers with its versatility and functionality.