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What it Takes to Hire a Node.js Developer

Node is an important part of the JavaScript ecosystem and is also very relevant in web development. It works as an environment where one can develop apps. Developers use it to build real-time applications such as messaging applications.

Things You Should Look Out for When Hiring a Node.js Developer

A Node.js developer should possess basic skills like logical thinking, communication skills, design thinking that will be fundamental in the course of carrying out the work.

The perfect candidate should have the ability to understand JavaScript, the working environment and should know how these processes work. The ability to debug and integrate modules is also very important.

Many people who claim to be node.js developers only know how to do copy and paste, they do not bother about integration and also testing the application to check for issues and possible challenges in the nearest future.

Another thing worthy of consideration is if the candidate for the job has experience in using Node.js. Where it can be shown that the candidate has already used Node.js, it will give him a competitive edge over others. It is even greater when one meets a candidate that has also contributed their code to the ecosystem.

Relevant Skills a Node.js Developer Should Possess

A Node.js developer should be proficient in JavaScript and Node.js. Working knowledge of functional programming, storage of data, functional programming, etc. is required.

Also, the Node.js developer needs practical skills such as the experience of using npm registry, Github repository, standard style of JavaScript, WebSockets, Dockers, etc. He should be able to follow-up on applications using tools such as Prometheus and the others to identify when something is wrong in the Node.js application.

A good Node.js developer should be able to use the newest version of LTS Node.js to ensure that there is stability and to enjoy other new features to it. An experience that is beyond HTTP and the proven ability to handle all security issues that could arise such as data validation, HTTP headers, session management, dependencies, etc.

Where a Node.js developer is experienced with the JavaScript frameworks and also knows how to handle crashes, he makes a good fit for hire. He should be able to scale apps on several servers and balance loads.

Locating the Right Node.js Developer for You

If you are searching forĀ  Node.js developers, you have the option of outsourcing or hiring a team of developers to work on your project where they work full-time on your project while making use of their resources in carrying out the work.