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7 Ways a Dedicated Java Developer Can Make Your Business Successful

Java’s popularity comes down to the fact that it is a language that can be used on absolutely any devices, whether that’s a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile. It can be used for anything from web browsers to games. It is based around English, which makes it far easier to read and understand. Also, since it has been around since the early 90s, it had time to mature and is very reliable. For these reasons, Java developers are in great demand and it is often difficult to hire them.

What to Look for in a Java Developer

You may have chosen to hire in-house or you are looking at staffing companies for a Java developer. Either way, you go, it is important that your candidate has the right skills for the role. Below, you will find some of the core skills we like to see on the resume of a Java full-stack developer:

  • An excellent grasp of Java and the use of relational databases like ORM and SQL
  • Object-orientated programming skills
  • X query, XML, XSL
  • Framework skills in Enterprise Java Beans and J2EE
  • The ability to successful test, diagnose, and debug
  • Git and other version control software skills

7 Reasons to Hire a Java Developer Through an IT Staffing Company

Because of the nature of the job, it isn’t necessary for your Java developer to be local. This is why more and more companies are looking at outsourcing companies. Here are some of the best reasons.

  • You might find there is a talent shortage in your local area or even the talent doesn’t have exactly the right skills you are looking for. As soon as you choose to outsource, you are lifting the geographical restrictions and you will find more potential.
  • Hiring in-house can take a long time from actually placing an ad to completing your interviews. Then there is a period of time for onboarding. More often than not, outsourced Java developers are ready to work straight away.
  • Using staffing companies means you can have more flexibility with your hiring. You can scale up or down depending on the needs of your project without the fear of financial repercussions that you would have with in-house staff.
  • For a quick replacement, perhaps a team member has left or is ill, an outsourced Java developer will be able to start almost immediately.
  • Dedicated developers are used to working on a great number of different projects and bring with them massive amounts of experience. This will help you get your product onto the market faster. At the same time, your in-house team can learn from these Java developers.
  • Similarly to the previous point, after years of experience, Java developers will be able to resolve problems and even anticipate problems before they become an issue.
  • Finally, you will be able to save money. You are likely to be able to make impressive savings by choosing to work with people who enjoy lower costs of living.

Other Aspects to Consider when Hiring a Talented Java Developer?

There are many things to consider when looking at the location of a Java developer, for example, time zones, culture, and quality of work. Another key deciding point will be the cost. Eastern Europe is far cheaper than the USA. Java developers in this area have a high level of English, produce excellent work, and are in a good geographical zone for various time zones.

In Conclusion

Having an expert Java Developer will provide your company with the talent to maintain a competitive edge in a very cut-throat industry. Speed is of the essence when it comes to software development and if choose to use an outsourced Java Developer, you will have a speedy and low-cost solution for your developing needs.