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Best Tips on How to Hire a Joomla Developer

A Joomla developer is quite a broad term, so before you start looking for one, you need to set your requirements and criteria straight. 

There are four most common areas of expertise on the Joomla developer market: 

  • A site builder uses their knowledge of templates and extensions to build websites by using already created solutions. Best for small businesses as they provide good value at a lower market rate. 
  • A template skinner knows CSS and HTML and can take someone else’s design to turn it into a Joomla website design. They are best for graphic designers who want to adapt their design to their website. 
  • A web designer can also create custom designs and alter existing ones. Their value depends on their abilities and the complexity and size of the website. 
  • An extension developer is technical and can create custom Joomla extensions. They can also solve different problems by using their knowledge of the platform. 

A Joomla developer can fall in more than one category, but you want to know what kind of projects they have worked on similar to yours.

Should you hire a freelance Joomla developer or a company? 

Both freelancers and companies have their pros and cons. 

When you hire a freelance Joomla developer, you are working directly with the person, speeding up the outcome, and bringing results faster. They can be rather flexible and often work at lower rates. But you might encounter a lack of professionalism and poor service, and the results can be variable. 

When you hire a team of developers, you get access to multi-layered services to address various issues – SEO, programming, design, marketing, etc. Development companies offer more stability and deeper experience pools, as well as professional service and results. But the service is more costly and less flexible, and there is the risk that you get a thin company – as some entrepreneurs mark themselves as a company while, in reality, they outsource your project.

To choose the best fit for your project, consider your business needs. For example, if your project is very small, a freelancer developer might be a good fit. But if you have a more complex project, require some guidance in the process, and can not invest a lot of your time in the process, a development company would better suit your needs. 

Where to look for your Joomla developer

There are several main resources that you can use to find your Joomla developer. 

Referrals are always a good way to find help so if you have colleagues or friends that use Joomla, ask them for recommendations. 

Searching on the Internet – this approach can be useful, but it will take some time and effort – you will need to go beyond the first page of results to find a suitable prospect. 

Staffing companies – Agency recruiters have their finger on the pulse and are experts in their specialized markets. Using Staff Augmentation, you can easily hire Joomla developers, so you can focus on the growth of your business. You can now take on additional short term projects without adding to long term headcount while having the ability to downsize staff and overhead when the projects are finished.