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Developing an App? You’ll Want to Try Flutter

Who isn’t spending most of their phone time on apps?  App usage has increased steadily, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, and businesses realize their apps need to perform. For developers, using Flutter and associated tools is changing the way apps are built.

Flutter is Google’s user interface (UI) mobile toolkit. It allows you to use one code base to compile native apps across platforms. The framework is free and open-sourced. 

Advantages include

  •       One codebase   
  •       Constant UI elements across platforms
  •       Create your own rendering engine
  •       Google’s Firebase creates a serverless app
  •       Custom made animated user interfaces can be implemented
  •       Option to develop beyond the mobile platform
  •       Execution of simple, specific logic to the app

 Major Apps Using Flutter

  • Alibaba (Global online shopping platform)
  • Groupon: (Online discount marketing)

Instead of rewriting code to streamline their merchant capabilities, Flutter widgets were placed into the app’s native code instead for faster results. (Real estate)

Flutter has been used to deliver a consistent experience of high-quality images and straightforward messaging for users across different screens and platforms. 

 Best Flutter App Development Tools 2021


A Flutter Material Theme editor, Panache enables you to create customized colors, shapes, and other theme properties. Key Features include custom widgets, colors, and shapes, and once you’ve completed the coding structure, you can access the codes by downloading them. You can then download your theme as a .dart file and save it to your Drive.


You can now import your UI designs into Supernova for export to Flutter and add elements, such as animations and new design layers, into native widgets and more. Changes can also be completed in real-time through your Flutter account.  Another key feature is that layouts, animations, and navigation flows are responsive-ready.

 Adobe XD

This open-sourced design plugin provides a more straightforward design procedure. It generates a .dart file that can be added to the app’s source code. Key features include design and layout, including animation and prototyping, and a design system for web-based and mobile apps.


Codemagic allows you to automatically publish your app across various platforms. Used with Flutter apps, integration becomes much quicker. There is an automated test function, and no need to spend time configuring your app for different platforms. As a result, building, testing, and distribution times are continuously 20% faster. 

 Test Magic

Test Magic allows you to distribute and test apps on real Android and IOS devices. It integrates with your CI/CD tool, and it works with Codemagic. You can even upload screenshots and comments for an enhanced app activity.  Apart from full E2E testing, other key features include support for different databases and file formats.


Using Firebase, you can reflect actions from a device screen onto a system.  As the data isn’t provided via USB, the app development process is faster. Other key features include smarter analytics, cross-platform messaging and testing, and performance monitoring.


Amplitude is a behavioral analytics platform. Integrated with Flutter, its key features allow you to speed up product testing and track how your customers engage with your app to improve the app experience.

If you are using Flutter for your app’s development, you can use any of these tools. As Flutter belongs to a cross-platform of development tools, it is a great way to create an app by writing a single code base. It’s fast and open-sourced and uses the speed of your device. We think it’s exactly what developers are looking for.