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Why Did Flutter Apps Become So Popular?

We won’t be able to escape the subject of how apps created with Flutter became so well-known, given the popularity of this technology. Finding different Flutter app samples and observing how quickly they proliferated on the market is not difficult. Even if the technology is young, this does not lessen its appeal to businesses and developers.

Most importantly, it constantly introduces new tools and features and has everything needed for effective app development. Flutter-based apps are renowned for their outstanding functionality, stunning aesthetics, and quick performance. Additionally, developers recognize that there are other advantages to the development process, such as time and money savings. Let’s continue with additional information on the benefits Flutter-built apps may provide organizations.

  • Open-source ecosystem

The goal of the Flutter team is to create a robust, open-source ecosystem. It is well known that Google developed and supports this technology, and however, they welcome contributions from programmers all across the world. It makes it possible to grow into one of the most significant communities available. More than 19k packages, plugins, tools, and integrations are available to Flutter developers. It undoubtedly offers a strong foundation for introducing sophisticated apps created using Flutter.

  • Native performance

When looking at examples of Flutter apps, it’s important to note the superb performance and wide-ranging functionality provided for consumers. They can easily compete with products developed using native development techniques, and Flutter offers all the features and resources required to improve the user experience. High app performance becomes another major benefit when deciding to use this framework for the upcoming project.

  • Increased productivity

This technology offers a successful solution if the team places a strong emphasis on the app design. Given that they use the most fantastic designs, it is not unexpected that the market is flooded with stunning Flutter app examples. Flutter’s core objective is to create applications that work and look fantastic across all platforms. Within Flutter apps, adaptive and responsive design strategies allow the supply of stunning visuals and an exceptional user experience.

  • Large community

Technology growth frequently depends on a supporting society. The huge backing from Google and the developer community is essential to Flutter’s success, and it made it possible to implement a trustworthy and open framework. Furthermore, finding Flutter developers won’t be challenging because their numbers are constantly rising. Such collaboration is highly beneficial to many organizations since it allows them to stay on top of the most recent industry trends.

  • Cost savings

Last but not least, there is the chance to save money in an easy and practical way. Companies who choose to create Flutter apps should anticipate a shortened time-to-market and easier maintenance. The teams save time and money by not having to produce unique apps for every platform. A single software version is also always more economical to maintain. Flutter becomes a sensible option while meeting all escalating wants as a result.


7 Reasons Flutter Is the Best Choice to Develop Startup Mobile Apps

App developers know that differences between Android and iOS platforms are reducing. Product owners want your app to smoothly transition across platforms, at the best cost. The framework required is Flutter.

Launched by Google in 2018, Flutter is an open-sourced UI development kit.  It uses one code throughout platforms, which is a positive for budget forecasting.

Here are 7 reasons why Flutter is the dominant software used for startup mobile app developments. 

  1.       It Attracts Investors

Investors appreciate the UI capacities and innovative design. Customised widgets for Android and iOS mimic native apps which allow developers to easily transition platforms, resulting in a consistent end-user experience. Flutter also has a much bigger library of widgets than other frameworks. 

  1.       .Dart Assures Impressive App Performance

Dart is a client-optimized programming language for fast app development. Its ability to use AOT (ahead of time) as a compilation process greatly reduces the start time of an app.

As Flutter uses its own widgets, there is no need to cite OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ones.

Using Flutter, a developer can easily interact between apps and a native platform.  A complex app design is created simply, whilst maintaining the highest quality.  

  1.  For a Powerful Back-End Solution, Use Firebase

Firebase is another platform developed by Google which has a reputation as one of the best backend servers.  It offers database and analytical management solutions and integrates well with other Google products.  You can sync real-time data across all the devices without refreshing the screen.

Firebase comes pre-installed with Flutter. By combining the two, a developer can achieve faster launch times of the mobile app and have access to many supportive features. 

The capabilities of Firebase’s backend reduce backend procedures and costs.  

  1.  The ‘Hot Reload’ Feature Increases Productivity

We’ve mentioned that Flutter is a fast development platform.  With its ‘Hot Reload’ feature, it allows code changes to be viewed immediately. 

If a mistake happens during the development process, this can be quickly amended, without affecting the code function. The developer can simply take up where they left off. Changes can be monitored in real-time and updated more quickly. These time-saving options increase the productivity of software engineers during the development process. 

  1.   Cost Effective

Startups love Flutter because it is cost-friendly.  It can be a huge financial drain to hire engineers to develop mobile apps, particularly as they must write new codes for specific app features.

However, with Flutter, a single code is all that is needed to construct an app that runs seamlessly across several platforms. This time and money-saving feature is crucial for startups. 

  1.   Access the Flutter Library to Build the Best UI

One of the app development services offered by Flutter is a comprehensive UI builder with a library of cross-platform widgets.  A developer can integrate widgets such as navigation, scrolling, and icons into all platforms.

  1.   Improvement in MVP Development

In other words: you can build more in less time.  As you build an MVP app in Flutter you build two applications — iOS and Android — nearly simultaneously with one codebase, saving valuable time.

 What to consider when developing an app with Flutter:

  •       project requirements
  •       native features
  •       employee numbers
  •       software development costing (design, development, support, and maintenance)
  •       server rental costs
  •       app launch costing


  • Flutter’s resources are open-source and free
  • You will not need separate developers for each app platform

 When all is considered, you will find that Flutter is usually best for your startup, due to cost and speed capabilities.

Why is Flutter the Perfect Fit for Startup App Development?

The foundation of every startup app is crucial. Developers must always choose tools that will benefit the current and future versions of the app. One of the most important decisions for a developer should be in what frameworks they use. A unique and popular tool that is available is Flutter.

But what would make Flutter the ideal choice for startup app development?

While Flutter is still considered a framework, it’s much more than that. It’s an SDK, or Software Development Kit. SDKs contain every tool a developer needs to make an app. Heavily supported by Google, Flutter is cross-platform compatible and utilizes the programming language, Dart. Widgets are a significant part of Flutter’s structure. It relies on them to serve as the bridge between the actual framework and the other development tools.

Benefits of Flutter

For companies that are startups, attempting to build a native app—or constructing it from scratch—SDKs are much more cost-effective. Native apps require more time, resources, and are more expensive.

One of Flutter’s most popular features is its hot reload. It allows developers to see changes they make in the framework in seconds. The flexibility of Flutter also makes it easily interfaceable with various platforms due to a solid GPU rendering UI.

Advantages of Cross-Platform Apps

Compared to Native apps, cross-platform apps have many advantages such as:

  1. Decreased coding
  2. Fast development speeds
  3. More cost-efficient
  4. Implementation of reusable code

Why Developers Should Choose Flutter for Their Startup Apps

The pros of using Flutter don’t stop with its general benefits as a cross-platform framework. Developers should choose Flutter because it:

  • Builds on the strength of Dart.
  • Makes development much easier.
  • Adds on to itself with advanced features
  • Has a rendering engine of its own
  • Combines design within the development process
  • Decreases the app’s development time

Apps That Can Be Made with Flutter

  1. Web apps
  2. Desktop apps
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) apps


With major corporations using Flutter in their app development as much as smaller companies are, it shows how versatile this framework is. Google, which is the corporation that created Flutter, uses it in their system as well. Other smaller benefits Flutter can provide are things such as establishing a faster market speed where businesses release apps quickly and it needs less testing.

Building native apps using software other than Flutter can get very expensive. The resources at its disposal are not only vast due to its personal popularity, but being backed by Google increases Flutter’s reputation as well. In general, SDKs are useful for app development and even more so with developers with little experience. That is why Flutter is simpler to learn. Its cost-effectiveness, incorporation of widgets, and use of reusable coding are more reasons developers should choose it for their startup app development.

Ultimately, as many benefits as Flutter has, it won’t be the right fit for every startup development project. There are multitudes of development tools that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Nonetheless, Flutter is an excellent framework to at least consider as a part of the app development process.

Why Startups Should Consider Flutter for Mobile App Development?

Following Google Trends, Flutter is the second most driving language, trailed by React Native for creating cross-stage versatile applications in 2020. Numerous mainstream brands have depended on Flutter for their applications. Some of them are:

  • Flutter is a mix of all the best Google thoughts and innovations. This has additionally brought about the formation of a fantastic portable structure.
  • Considering Dart, Flutter has a lot of highlights that have never been found in a cross-platform biological system.
  • The improvement device consolidates the best of Skia illustrations library and Material Design.

This prompts the improvement of portable applications that permit lightning speed changes and come stuffed with plan components that are known to fit directly into the local self of both Android and iOS.

You may think you have brought an understanding of the highlights of Flutter, and this makes it perfect for cross-platform improvement. There are so many reasons why Flutter is ideal for new businesses that take a shot at a spending plan and have a stuffed go-to-showcase time.

The following are the significant startup slanted advantages that your startup can profit with the Flutter affiliation:

  • Flutter portable application improvement assists with beating the restrictions of taking the cross-stage course
  • This has been longing for the portable application developers to construct a bespoke cross-stage item that is limited to local application advancement.

With apparatuses and structures like React Native and Ionic present in the market, the fact of the matter is the client experience contrast among Native and Cross-Platform applications are distinct.

Nonetheless, Flutter is unique. Taking the assistance of the local UI components of Android and iOS, Flutter application improvement carries a great deal to the table that the network yearns for. A genuine code makes an incredible encounter.

The Flutter developer’s efficiency increases ten times

One of the significant advantages of why a startup ought to consider Flutter is explicit to the profitability that increments inside the group when Flutter is utilized.

The main thrust of this specific increment originates from the best Flutter highlight, ‘tasteful hot reload.’

This is one of the significant selling focuses. The Flutter software engineers permit the developers to see the impact of an adjustment in the code that is occurring continuously.

Flutter expels the prerequisite of recompilation, something that brings the hour of portable application improvement somewhere near complex.

Flutter gives a Powerful Design Experience

The strong association between material plan and Flutter brings forth component promising client experience. It gives a smooth, zero expectation to learn and adapt experience that clients anticipate from versatile local applications.

Flutter has redone gadgets for Android, just as iOS. Along these lines, this causes you to get the vibe of local applications.

The gadget index of Flutter is extensive so that you can pick according to your prerequisite.

Keeping the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Alive

The enterprise depends on the soul of commencement and viability. Boosting both with profitability is a touch of overwhelming, and organizations face business issues. New businesses neglect to adjust the development accordingly, influencing the productivity of the business visionaries.

The Flutter stage is simple and rapidly causes private companies to be profitable and productive simultaneously, consequently, making it somewhat more straightforward for them to deal with better things.

Firebase as a backend is Instant Startup Seller

Upheld by Google, the Firebase offers an out of box support for distributed storage, ongoing database, facilitating that is legitimate. With the assistance of Firebase, the total foundation is serverless, versatile, and excess.

With the reception of Flutter for new companies, there is no compelling reason to contribute time and assets towards backend advancement. The Firebases are joined with an automation instrument required for your discharge and advancement process, permitting the group for steady conveyance.

The New Google OS, Fuchsia, will use Flutter.

The intensity of Fuschia is yet to be uncovered to the world. IT will be vigorously depending on Flutter. Many markets explore revealed that Fuschia will be the base of virtual and increased reality.

Independent of how Fuschia will resemble, the effect that it will make is uncontested. This further makes the cross-stage device extremely critical.

All the afore-mentioned make Flutter for new businesses an occasion requested by each application business person planning to make an application that isn’t upheld merely by bespoke structure yet also helps save money on the advancement time while being cutting edge.

 In Conclusion

With numerous organizations being propelled every year, unmistakably making your image stand separated is testing. Mainly when there are spending plans and asset requirements.

If you are anticipating discharging your application without hitting your pocket, at that point, Flutter is worth considering. As it empowers you to create applications for the two stages incorporating Android and iOS with a solitary codebase.

All these have proved that Flutter is the correct response for the startup needs. So, why are you still waiting? Get available Flutter portable application developers today and begin your fantastic portability venture.