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Ins and Outs of On-Demand Delivery Apps

Fast internet speeds, more free time, and a global pandemic have contributed to the increase in overall app usage. This includes in-app purchases as well. Among the different kinds of apps out there, on-demand delivery apps continue to be used more and more in daily life.

But what makes those apps so popular?

User Interface

These apps are designed to be used by a large audience of people. Thus, they are simpler in function and appearance. This makes it easier for all kinds of users to navigate them, even if they aren’t that good with technology.

Problem, Meet Solution

On-demand delivery apps seek to solve a problem, as most apps do. Their function could be to help a user order food for delivery to their home, fill prescriptions, set up a pick-up time and location, and more. Convenience is also a big aspect of these apps. Most of the time, there might be several apps that offer the same solution. If one app isn’t convenient to provide that solution, users will switch to an app that can.

Examples of Good App Features

With these specific kinds of apps, there are a few features that could help it do better than its competition. These may be:

  • Tracking of real-time
  • Simple registration process
  • Flexible payment options
  • Secure payment system
  • Ability to review/rate
  • Settings or Admin tab

Every functional app should also have the option to get in contact with Customer Support or a similar service. Some apps allow users to leave feedback and report issues with the app as well, which can be helpful for apps that contain important or time-sensitive information.

Common On-Demand Delivery Apps

The most popular markets for on-demand delivery apps are for groceries, food, healthcare, transportation, and maintenance.

  • Groceries

In this market, some of the most used grocery apps include Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Costco. These allow users to order all of their groceries through the app, as well as setting up times to pick them up or have them delivered to their homes. Payments, options for substitutions, and even rewards programs are available through these apps.

  • Food

Food delivery apps are different from grocery delivery apps because they typically are an as-needed, single meal alternative. Pizza, burgers, and ethnic foods are among the top, most-ordered types of food delivered. Third-party apps that give people more options for delivering food not previously available for delivery have shot up since the pandemic began. Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Grubhub are the preferred apps to use.

  • Healthcare

These apps generally serve as the bridge between patients and healthcare facilities. Filling prescriptions, scheduling appointments, inputting sensitive information, viewing and paying bills, and keeping up with the latest medical news are some common features.

  • Transportation

Uber is the largest transportation app in the world. Transportation services for medical reasons are also often used to go from place to place conveniently.

  • Maintenance

Perhaps the least used type of delivery app in this list, maintenance delivery apps have become vital due to restrictions and lockdowns caused by the pandemic. Ordering parts for A/C units, to replace oxygen tanks for medical purposes, and other repair-related problems are almost always solved by the efficiency of these on-demand delivery apps.