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How to Protect Your Assets by Hiring a Cybersecurity Engineer

You only need to look at cryptojacking, mobile malware, cross-site scripting attacks, and even IoT device attacks to know that the Internet of today is full of potential cyber threats. Any cyberattack on your equipment is a risk to your business and your digital assets. A cybersecurity engineer is the best way for you and your team to stay educated.

Why do you need to hire a cybersecurity engineer?

The size of your business is no longer a consideration when you look at the security breeches Toyota and Wal-mart have faced. Whether you are a small startup or a giant tech firm, a cyberattack can affect your brand image, infrastructure, and profits. Hiring a cybersecurity engineer will help you avoid cyber threats and in the worst-case scenario, reduce the negative impacts.

We are seeing more and more new technologies like deep learning, machine learning, and AI being used to assist in the prevention of cyberattacks. Nevertheless, such technologies are not yet able to accomplish what a cybersecurity engineer can. When it comes to online security, we are not at the stage where we can put all our faith in new tools and technology.

Your cybersecurity engineer will be responsible for all of the data and networks within your company. Their role includes 4 key parts of security:

  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Managing
  • Upgrading

A cybersecurity engineer is an employee dedicated to protecting your digital assets so that you don’t suffer in the same way Yahoo and Equifax have suffered, and are still suffering as they try to recover their brand name and revenue after a cyber attack.

How to hire the perfect cybersecurity engineer

After understanding why you need one, now let’s take a look at how you can hire a cybersecurity engineer that will suit all your business needs.

Make an attractive offer- Cybersecurity engineers are in high demand. Due to how quickly cyberthreats are developing, you can guarantee your competitors are also looking to hire a cybersecurity engineer. An attractive salary offer is one of the best ways to stand out from the others. Do some research before you place your offer. Have a look at what similar companies and jobs are offering as a salary and see if you can top it.

Emphasis career opportunities- For many people in the IT industry, there is more to the job than income. Demonstrate the possibilities that employees have in your company. Show that you invest in your staff. If you promote the potential for a career in the interview phase, you are more likely to retain staff and nurture a working culture where employees drive each other.

Interview hackers and gamers- You might think this only happens in the films, the FBI busts a vacant warehouse with just one hacker, only to discover this hacker would be the best for helping fight cybercrime! Gaming offers experience and skills that are necessary for searching for cybersecurity threats. Hackers are more likely to see a threat that most wouldn’t have considered.

In the case of technology and security, prevention is always better than a cure. And to do this, you should look into hiring a cybersecurity engineer who has experience and is confident with the latest digital threats.