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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Craft Commerce For E-Commerce Websites 

Craft Commerce provides everything you need for modern e-commerce – a great way to build intuitive, powerful, and user-friendly eCommerce solutions. It is customizable and flexible so you can build exactly the store you need. And the best thing is that it is equally intuitive for both developers and store managers. 

If you are looking into a made-for-you eCommerce solution – here are the best reasons why you should use Craft Commerce for your eCommerce website. 

Easy to use and intuitive 

When you need to make changes to your eCommerce website, everything is really easy with the admin control panel of Craft Commerce. It allows you to make changes and update the content without any additional efforts or need to ask a developer for help – a great way to save both time and money. 

Great customer support 

With Craft Commerce, you can always rely on super helpful, fast, and easy to access customer support. This can make all the difference when you manage your eCommerce store by yourself which is the case with a lot of small business owners. Having reliable customer support will ensure that you can tackle most of the issues and problems you encounter in your everyday site management. 

Easy to integrate 

Because Craft Commerce does not have themes, it provides the opportunity to build something unique and exactly according to your needs. You can just pick the features that will serve your business best without the need to redo a whole theme that does not fit your requirements exactly. 

With multiple plug-ins that are very intuitive to integrate, you can create check-out flows, optimize for SEO, or add payment gateways easily. 

Natural behaving websites 

You want your website to be responsive and to behave naturally – but you do not need to code to achieve that. Because Craft Commerce uses Twig coding language, websites respond naturally and behave the way they should. This means that your website will provide a better user experience and increase your conversions. 

Perfectly bridges content with the eCommerce store 

Having content as a part of your eCommerce strategy is a great way to strengthen the relationship with your customers, build authority, and achieve a significant advantage in front of your competitors. With Craft Commerce, you can structure long-form content and create super flexible and customizable pages – a great way to include quality and added value to your eCommerce website. 

Offers flexibility and scalability 

Being flexible and easily scalable is important for every eCommerce website that is supposed to grow – which is what you are aiming for. Growth and implementation of changes can turn out to be a challenge with most eCommerce platforms though. This is where you will appreciate the flexibility provided by Craft Commerce – applying changes and making adjustments is easy so you will not feel limited and can focus on growing your business. Create discounts, add new programs, offer a subscription option – whatever you need to improve your customer experience and increase your sales.