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Top 11 Specializations in the Computer Science Industry

Computer Science-related jobs and products have always been in demand. In fact, nearly one-third of annual popular careers are in the Computer Science field. Most of those jobs have salaries that exceed $100,000 per year. It’s also expected that careers within this industry will continue to increase. Postings for open positions tend to require a high degree (i.e. master’s), and potentially years of experience in relevant jobs or fields.

Having specializations in the Computer Science industry gives people better options. Benefits of those specializations could come in the form of higher salaries, flexible work schedules, or good insurance, among other things.

Here are the top 11 specializations:

  • Software Engineering

This centers on application protocols and systems such as debugging, scalability, testing, and security. Good coding skills and a willingness to communicate with others are required. 

  • Computer Theory

Computer science principles and mathematical theories are this specialization’s focus. It contains jobs like Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Similar to Theory, the AI specialization looks at analytics, predictive models, and algorithms. Machine Learning Engineer is a career with this specialization as well, but this specialization makes a higher salary average.

  • Game Design

The game design combines AI and machine learning functionalities to create visually appealing, progressive gaming experiences. Coding and collaboration are vital skills for this specialization. 

  • Computer-Human Interface

As its name suggests, this specialization compares human interactions with technology. Good interpersonal skills and knowing how to track the impact of humanity on technology are necessary. 

  • Networks

Skills relating to the back-end side of the internet take up this specialization; it includes troubleshooting or diagnosing issues with networks.

  • Programming Languages

Knowledge of Python, Java, CSS, and more keeps the programming languages specialization in high demand.

  • Data Science

Being able to organize or categorize data through math and analytical tools means data science specializations are always needed. The number of data apps use can increase as they grow. 

  • Computer Graphics

Often considered a branch of game design, computer graphics rely on skills that are good with creating well-constructed, visually appealing graphics. With an artistic focus and attention to detail, developers who have this specialization average at $70,000 a year but can make much more.

  • Computer Systems

This is a back-end specialization encompassing hardware and software elements of development. Identifying and fixing issues with those elements is a necessary skill. Due to the relation of user experience, obtaining a career with a focus in this area can average around $100,000 in the United States.

  • Information Security

Information security specializations take care of all aspects of security. As the desire for strong data security and privacy increases, security-based careers can make $98,000 a year or more in the United States.