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What Do You Need To Build a Travel App

Traveling is no longer just a hobby – it is a way of life. And for everyone who travels frequently – businessmen, vacationers, travel bloggers, digital nomads, there is one thing in common. They all rely on their smartphones to research, book, and organize their travels. 

It is no surprise that numerous companies are seeing great success with their travel apps – such as Airbnb, Booking, Skyscanner, and Expedia among many others. Everything has gone online and travel is no exception. 

If you have decided to venture into the world of travel apps, here is a list of everything you need to build a travel app. 

Itinerary Generator

There is no need to remember the details of the trip anymore or go to a travel agency for a customized itinerary. Most travelers nowadays plan their trips by themselves so an itinerary generator is a must for any good travel app. A mention of the location the user wants to travel to would generate a travel plan so that the user can easily see all the things that can be seen and done at the location. Some of the most popular planners include Google Trips, TripCase, TripIt, and Roadtrippers. 


Travelers rely on GPS to feel comfortable at their new location and navigate easily between landmarks and facilities. One of the main things about navigation apps is that they need to work offline so keep that in mind when developing a travel app. Ensure that the app or at least the map is available offline. To build such functionality, you can use Google Places API or Facebook Places API. 

Social media

Most travelers share their experiences on social media so your travel app needs to provide that opportunity. Users should be able to interact in real-time and share details of their travels with their friends and families. A social media login option will also reduce the time needed for registration and will help the algorithm to build better suggestions thanks to the access to the personal data of the user. 

Reviews and recommendations

A lot of travelers rely on recommendations and reviews from others when booking a hotel, visiting a restaurant, or generally exploring a new location. Include a feature for reviews and recommendations so that users can plan easily and share their experiences with others.  

Currency converter

Having a currency converter option is very helpful when traveling in foreign countries. Users can easily compare the prices in shops, bars, and restaurants and make better use of their budget. Such a feature in your travel app will prove useful while not at all difficult to implement. 

Booking service

A travel booking app can save a lot of time and money so no wonder these types of apps are becoming extremely popular among travelers. An easy way to find the best deals and book flights, hotels, transfers, and more is very helpful, especially for business travelers. In addition, you can add a loyalty program and prompt users with notifications about the best new deals so as to encourage them to use the app more frequently. 

Weather forecast

Integrating a weather forecast in the travel app is a great idea. Users can see the temperature and other important weather factors to prepare better for the trip and be aware of any climate differences that are typical for the new location. 

Built-in translator

Not speaking the language can be a nuisance and potentially lead to uncomfortable and even dangerous situations when traveling. Thanks to built-in translators, a lot of such mishaps can be avoided. This feature is particularly when it comes to countries with different writing, such as Greece, Russia, and the Asian countries.