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Which Framework Would You Choose in 2021 CodeIgniter vs. CakePHP vs. Yii vs. Laravel

Being a top-tier server-side scripting language, PHP has become one of the most popular web development languages in recent years. It is not just an open-source language, but it also has a simple learning curve and several helpful frameworks for enterprise-grade applications.

There are several PHP frameworks available that enable agile development and improve application performance. This also helps startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations to flourish over time.

The most interesting disputes today, however, revolve around frameworks. Structure and syntax squabbles have subsided. The now-common challenge is deciding on a software development framework whose architecture best meets your needs.

Here’s one for each of the four most popular PHP frameworks on the market today, which are utilized by businesses to construct enterprise-grade online applications. Let’s start with the well-known PHP frameworks, particularly Codeigniter vs. CakePHP vs. Yii vs. Laravel.


Codeigniter vs. Cakephp vs. Yii vs. Laravel: A Comparison of the Top 4 PHP Frameworks

Let’s start by learning the basics of Codeigniter, Yii, CakePHP, and Laravel. This will assist you in assessing the outcome of the Codeigniter vs. CakePHP vs. Yii vs. Laravel conflict.


Codeigniter is a comprehensive set of libraries, components, and tools. The built-in framework libraries require no installation, include integrated security features, database abstraction, and comprehensive documentation; it also has a large and active community supporting it. This is a popular PHP framework based on the MVC architecture.

753,660 active websites use CodeIgniter. In addition, CodeIgniter was formerly used by 569,679 sites.

The Benefits of Using Codeigniter

CakePHP is based on the Framework model, which distinguishes the business report from the data presentation coating. Models link to the database via queries and store data directly in the database. It enables the end-user to view material in a viewable format.

This framework assists PHP developers in speeding up web applications by implementing both page and database caching. Through the Database Caching Class, it reduces database load by caching database requests as simple text files.

The capabilities of CodeIgniter assist you in protecting the web app from fundamental security risks like cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injection, and remote code execution.

Custom libraries, class extensions, and third-party plug-ins/add-ons are all options to enhance CodeIgniter. This framework enables you to create essential libraries without putting in extra time or effort.

Downsides of using Codeigniter

Nowadays, businesses engage PHP programmers to build code that is clear, understandable, and organized. The high quality and simple code makes it easier for businesses to maintain, edit, and upgrade the web app in the future. Most PHP frameworks allow you to do so. However, CodeIgniter does not, by default, offer modular code separation.

It enables you to just install the libraries required by the web application. The libraries provided by CodeIgniter are not as comprehensive as those provided by other modern PHP frameworks.


CakePHP is a popular open-source framework that allows businesses to build applications quickly. By following a simple approach, CakePHP enables enterprises to create incredibly powerful and customized websites. Even though other PHP frameworks are readily available on the market, CakePHP has established itself as one of the most well-regarded web development platforms available.

60,525 active websites use CakePHP. Additionally, CakePHP was formerly utilized by 132,438 sites.

Benefits of Using CakePHP

CakePHP is based on the Paradigm-View-Control model, which distinguishes the business report from the data presentation layer. Models link to the database via queries and store data directly in the database. It enables the end-user to view content in a viewable format.

This framework maintains data in the form of tables, which are then shown across classes. CakePHP supports the ORM approach directly, merging the specification of an object programming language.

CakePHP has CRUD functionality, which allows for simple data administration. It invites you to read, update, create, and delete the system’s many objects. Hanging CRUD clarifies several database administration issues.

CakePHP enables you to reuse code, which reduces development time. It enables developers to concentrate on the project’s objectives and creative aspects.

Downsides of using CakePHP

For CakePHP to generate Fancy URLs, the default routes must be updated. Furthermore, CakePHP’s functionality is not easy to grasp.

When compared to other PHP frameworks, one-way routing in CakePHP is widely seen to be a disadvantage.


Yii is a high-performance PHP framework used to create big to small-scale PHP applications. Yii and other PHP frameworks enable developers to create a full-fledged web project in a shorter amount of time. Once you’ve installed Yii on your PC, you’ll be able to operate fully working websites. This framework has CRUD functionality (creating, reading, updating, and deleting).

115,338 active websites use Yii Framework. Furthermore, Yii Framework was previously utilized by 250,054 sites.

The Benefits of Using YII

This well-known PHP framework supports the MVC (model-view-controller) architecture. The many libraries and packages are efficiently connected thanks to its specifically developed Controller. This framework enables you to decouple the database server from the user to create more robust and stable web applications. Finally, it gives a systematic approach to the application development process.

This PHP framework features simple, elegant caching functionality, allowing PHP developers to build highly efficient web applications. Yii creates optimized web apps for smart devices to deliver a comparable user experience.

This framework employs a wide range of security methods to protect your websites from different threats like cookie tampering, SQL injection, cross-site scripting (CSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

The framework contains error handling and effective logging methods. It also offers theme and skinning techniques for changing the appearance of a website.

The Drawbacks of Using YII

Experienced and skilled PHP developers can work on this framework. It may be difficult for inexperienced programmers to manage the web project using this PHP framework.

The Ajax functionalities are not well-introduced, and they may require the assistance of JavaScript when necessary.


Laravel is a popular PHP framework on the market today. It enables developers to concentrate on the foundations of the PHP server-side programming language. It enables developers to focus on key concepts while providing seamless scalability advantages and agile code development. So, if you want to include all of these features in your next web app, you may hire Laravel developers.

466,342 active websites use Laravel. In addition, Laravel was previously utilized by 610,637 sites.

The Benefits of Using Laravel

Laravel includes Artisan, a unified command-line interface. It enables developers to write skeletal code. It also allows you to administer the database system, removing the need for developers to do basic programming activities. An artisan is a wonderful tool when it comes to developing and managing basic MVC files with their settings.

This PHP Framework allows you to create connections to named routes inside the structure. When naming, use the name of the specific router when establishing the links, and the system will inject the required URL automatically.

The ideal web application keeps its consumers up to date on the latest bargains and proposals. Laravel supports drivers for Amazon SES, SMTP, Mandrill, Mailgun, Sendmail, and SparkPost, allowing you to send emails using local or cloud-based services.

If you want to integrate Laravel with Elixir or Gulp, you may utilize the npm and bower packages. Integrating with the composer can help to resolve the dependency concerns.

The Drawbacks of Using Laravel

Due to its lightweight nature, Laravel has limited inherent support.

PHP systems, in general, have a few problems for long-term support versions, which led to some criticism from Laravel. The changes might potentially create a few troubles.

Comparison of Yii vs. CakePHP vs. CodeIgniter vs. Laravel based on features

The features of PHP frameworks are crucial, so it is critical to understand how each element works. You may choose the finest PHP framework for your web app development based on framework characteristics.

Yii vs. CakePHP vs. CodeIgniter vs. Laravel war‘s bottom line

Each framework has advantages and disadvantages, and each web app developer has unique coding styles and preferences. We hope that one of the frameworks on our list is useful to you and your team.

While making your final decision, keep in mind that it is never about the number of features that a specific PHP framework offers. It is about the overall functionality of the framework and how those functionalities may be used in your web development project. As a result, select one of the PHP mentioned above frameworks based on your project requirements and save money and time by employing professional PHP developers.