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Android vs. iOS- Is Android Going to Beat iOS?

It’s been a long-standing debate that sometimes turns into an argument: Is Android or iOS better? The discussion can get heated at times, with each side citing the faults of the other.

For a while there, iOS seemed to have the upper hand. But statistics are showing a turn in the tide. The number of Android users has experienced an uptick.

Before development begins, it’s crucial to know what mobile operating system (OS) your customers prefer- after all, the more customers that prefer that OS, the more will use it. It’s essential to recognize the stats on what is more popular and the benefits for each.

Worldwide iOS Development vs. Android Development

Between Android and iOS, the two have over 99% of the global mobile market share. This means choosing either one will be a lucrative decision.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as saying, “This percentage of the world goes with this operating system, so you should too.” We also have to take app saturation and global market share into account.

Global Market Share: While iOS does well in North America, Western Europe, and Oceania, Android dominates low-income regions and developing countries. The broad price point and low entry-level price point give them an advantage in developing markets like Asia and Africa.

App Saturation: When comparing the number of apps available under each operating system, Android has 2.95 million apps in Google Play. iOS boasts 4.4 million apps in the Apple App Store.

Benefits of Android

As Android becomes more sophisticated and adds more capabilities, it’s easy to see why its market share increases. This is true in both the hardware and the app development available on these platforms now.

Benefits Android offers include:

Flexibility- Because the environment is open-source, the sky is the limit for customizations.

Design Guidelines- Google offers design guidelines, allowing developers to create an elegant user interface easily.

Shorter Approval Time- Developers usually have an answer within two days as to whether Google Play will approve an app.

Tech-Savvy Users- Android is popular with tech-savvy users and niche applications such as fintech, IT, and more.

Worldwide Audience- No longer only in North Amera, Android’s platform is gaining strength in Asia, Africa, and South America.

Benefits of iOS

iOS is a giant in its own right, commanding market share, and innovations for a long time. As a globally recognizable brand, the benefits of iOS also have the advantage of being well-known.

Benefits iOS offers include:

Penetration into Developed Countries- Releasing an iOS app means your target customers are most often in North America, Oceania, or Western Europe. This offers more monetization opportunities.

Wide Range- iOS has access to various platforms, including gaming, social media and innovation.

Easier Development- iOS offers a platform that eases the development process, making for faster growth and lower cost.

High Security- iOS has a comprehensive security system, providing heightened protections for user data for developers and business owners.

Financially Lucrative Market- Statistics show that iOS users spend almost three times the amount Android users spend on average. This is useful to know for launching e-commerce apps.

Develop According to Target Market

No one can definitively say whether Android or iOS is better. Both offer advantages depending on your goals and target market. Android is making moves to challenge iOS in a much larger way in the near future, steadily growing in merging markets and promising attractive and lucrative innovations in the market. Luckily, this competition is good for innovation, leading iOS to increase its innovation in turn.

Focusing on the benefits each operating system can give your target market and how they will access it will help you choose the correct operating system for your app.