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One page App Development with Backbone.js

There are lots of options out there to help you with all your coding and web app issues. Backbone is a great choice to help you solve and avoid issues and unorganized coding in your apps.


Backbone.Js is a JavaScript framework that focuses on the web application’s structural code. It develops the MVC model and connects it via the Restful JSON interface to the existing API.

In other words, it can help you with the following:

  • Collections of enumerable functions with a rich API
  • Views with declarative handling of events
  • Backbone Model
  • Models with binding key-value and custom events

The main idea of logical framework views is the interface of apps. These can also be supported by models that can be updated individually if anything needs to be updated or changed. You can do so without the need to rework the page as a whole. In other words, this will save time for the developer as they do not have to search for JSON objects in the app code when it is necessary to find DOM elements.

Backbone collection:

When you have groups of models, collections are involved in helping the team manage them conveniently. Collections give you more control over the loading and saving of new models to the server. This means that the developer can give the rest of the team notifications such as an event of change where one model might have been changed, which needs to be noted by the rest of the team.

Backbone Events:

Although this element is limited, it is efficient. The execution of the JavaScript object observer design pattern is easy to use, and they link together and make the web app interactive. With the newer versions, all URLs can be easily used in their standard forms. One single API routes all links:

  • URL links
  • Bookmarks
  • Shareable Links
  • Backbone History

The nice thing about Backbone history is that it provides the developer with history tracking features that will match with the appropriate route as mentioned above. Once you have created that history, there is no need for you to create any special events because the history will already have them, such as:

  • Hashchange events
  • PushState
  • Callbacks
  • Backbone Sync

Backbone sync is fairly easy and self-explanatory. It is a basic function that allows the model to be checked and saved to a web app’s server site. Ajax function is normally used; however, if you want to use a more suitable app for your project strategies, a developer can override it and use a server site that they see fit.

Why should you use Backbone?

As you know, an app developer is a strongly needed structure code that will help you save time and construct your page. It is easy to use and will help you eliminate the issues you might encounter if you did not have an app developer. If you are a developer with some JavaScript experience, you are going to be looking for an MVC framework sooner or later, and one of the first things you will come across is Backbone, and for a good reason.