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Developing ASP .NET Applications Can Present Many Challenges: What Are They?

Software developers face a lot of challenges every day. Today, however, we’ll be focusing on the challenges that come with ASP.NET application development.

For those who understand the framework, it can be quite beneficial. But it can also cause major headaches for untrained and inexperienced developers.

Here are some of the challenges that come with .NET development.


Although it is important to identify all the errors that users are encountering, DotNet applications are popular for logging every little thing that happens, even the exact loading time of small components. If this isn’t controlled, it can sabotage app development efforts.

 Application Hanging

This is just one more piece of a component when it comes to .Net development. Usually, it means that the IIS websites will take a too long time for loading or just return a “500” series of HTTP errors every time a user tries to access them. When developing with this framework, it has to be done in a way that avoids the soft hangs and the hard hangs.

Soft hangs are not as critical as hard hangs and mainly occur when a bad code exists in some parts of the site where they don’t belong, they can make it impossible to load some parts of the page or even an entire page. Even in cases where Visual Studio or IDE do not show any compile or run-time errors, it is still crucial to abide by the traditional Code Review and methods of peer testing.

Hard hangs on the other hand are quite serious. They can cause your app to stop working entirely when you have a bad code. A tokenized value can be tainted by something as simple as forgetting a bracket. Implementing proper tests and Code Review is mandatory to avoid these issues.

Overloading of the server

This is just another common issue that DotNet developers face all the time. When the user base increases, almost all servers can get overwhelmed if loading is not balanced. The IIS server can be affected by almost any problem. Even an expired SSL certificate or simply wrong placing on the CRL would be sufficient to make problems. Developers should test both the coding realm and the application layer realm before deploying an ASP. NET application in production.

Problems with database

Problems with the database aren’t exactly rare in app development with ASP. Net. For example, when a page technically is functional but its performance is slow, most probably it is an issue with the database. Before blaming developers, you should always try to monitor the duration of common database calls with the DBA.

If you use a large database and complex operations, it can lead to adding even some minutes to the loading of ASP .NET pages. The configuration problems with the database may also contribute to it.

To conclude

ASP .NET application development is widely used by developers. But to use it properly one must know what and how to troubleshoot. If you don’t have professionals in your team, the challenges that go along with it can become overwhelming.