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AngularJS: The Ideal Web Development Framework

Amateur developers or businesses looking to take on a web development project with little to no experience can find themselves lost in the terminology of the tech industry. One of the most confusing aspects of web development is choosing what tools to use for the process. Frameworks are such a tool that people struggle with deciding on.

There are so many frameworks out there. But let’s focus on just one: AngularJS.

What is AngularJS?

Primarily just referred to as Angular, this framework was created by Google to make dynamic web apps by using HTML. While HTML is its base language, it also utilizes JavaScript. Angular can help developers make Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) by using JavaScript like a Model-View-Controller, or MVC. It’s open-sourced and compatible across different browsers.

Advantages of Using Angular

Some benefits to Angular include:

  • The implementation of dependency injection.
  • Elements in the framework can be reusable.
  • It can create Single Page Applications.

Disadvantages of Using Angular

As with any tool, there are some disadvantages such as:

  • It’s JavaScript-only, meaning there is a small security gap. (Apps use third-party tools to improve their security. Being JavaScript-only prevents that from happening.)
  • Disabling JavaScript won’t let the user access the entire webpage, only the basic structure or bare-bones text.

Why Angular Is Worth It

  1. Google-Backed

Since it’s a product of the company, Google provides support for users of Angular. This means there is a dedicated support team behind the framework and it’s being maintained. Many developers of Google even use it themselves.

  1. Easy to Use

The purpose of development tools is to make the process easier for developers, and Angular is no different. This framework decreases the amount of coding required, therefore using the time saved to progress in the project.

  1. Declarative Code Style

Containing what is known as a ‘declarative coding model’, Angular becomes less code-heavy since every process of the app isn’t laid out. Only the necessary ones which make the app function as desired do.

  1. Large, Dedicated Community

Developers on Google+ and Reddit often use Angular in their projects. Combined with the support from Google itself, as well as other developers who add to the growing number of Angular-based resources and information added to libraries, and the framework will continue to expand in popularity.

  1. Two-Way Data Binding

This allows developers to make changes across the framework and user interface simultaneously. It works the other way around as well. Angular makes it incredibly helpful for developers to update their apps quickly.

Moving Forward

Choosing the right framework can save developers time and frustration down the road. Apps that become too complex with the wrong framework, for example, could become slow and broken. It’s important to do research into which tools work best for the development project at the time as well as what it could reach in a certain amount of time. Angular is a powerful development framework tool that’s popular because of its effectiveness. Its Google-approved reputation should say something about it too!