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How to Hire the Best Ionic Developer?

Ionic is considered to be the foundation for hybrid mobile apps development. The Ionic framework is built by using a combination of AngularJS, Apache Cordova, and SASS.

So, let’s take a look at what other technologies should the perfect Ionic Developer have?

Ionic framework is very practical when is used together with other technologies. It is also a good tool for Ionic to build iOS and Android. Going forward with this idea, an ionic developer should be familiar with the following technologies in order to make a strong resume

Angular JS

The Ionic framework sits on the Angular JS platform, this platform being a JavaScript-based one. A perfect Ionic JavaScript should also be advanced when it comes to Angular JS and JavaScript language. The Ionic framework utilizes to the fullest the development of cross-platform hybrid mobile applications.

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordone is one of the basic components of the Ionic framework. It is utilized as a cover for the initial applications to work as the cross-platform hybrid application on separate operating platforms. Therefore, an Ionic developer who is hoping for a good job, needs to be advanced in using Apache Cordova.

Third-Party Plugins & APIs

Ionic Platforms can use to full capacities the mobile devices by using a third-party plugin. When we are talking about the perfect Ionic developer, we are talking about someone with good knowledge about many third-party plugins he can use for the purpose we mentioned and also know to create API.

Basic Web Technologies

The Ionic framework was made for progressive web applications that can work on numerous OS platforms at the same time. Therefore, is a significant qualification for an Ionic developer to know basic web Technologies. The most important are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Back-End Technologies

An Ionic developer might find himself in the situation when he needs to integrate a front-end with many back-ends or server-side applications using a server-side scripting language or other general languages such as Python, JavaScript Node JS, etc.

It is announced that the market of hybrid apps and mobile ads to go over the $80.45 billion mark in 2020. The Ionic framework was created especially for the fast development of progressive web apps or hybrid mobile applications that can be used for more than one platform at the same time. To reach the objectives of the Ionic framework, a lot of distinct technologies are used.

The popularity and the demand of Ionic developers who are also confident in using other applications it’s increasing every day. It is hard for the employers to find a good Ionic developer for his company only based on the resume but it’s a good starting point.

JavaScript Framework Comparison – Angular.js, Vue.js, Meteor.js or Next.js

In the recent time, a lot of advances has affected the structure of JavaScript. However, these advances have immensely contributed to the growth of java among all other programming languages.

In addition, it is paramount to get the better understandings of the entire development that affected the Java framework and how it can help your team to become more effective.

Here, we recommend and take an in-depth review of the entire java framework that will help you to choose the right framework.

The Popular Angular

Angular is arguably the most popular Java framework in the community of developers. This popularity has won it the popular name of being the most Java-based framework for Single-Page-Application (SPAS). Angular is a remarkable framework that encompasses great advantages such as quick code production, testing of apps and two-way data binding. Angular.js 2 is the recent angular upgrade and is suitable for a player like Youtube, Google and could also be used to build complex web front end application.

Vue.js Could be the Turning Point

Vue.js is a framework released in 2013 for developing a web interface. More so, vue.js came into limelight in 2016 and it became the cynosure of every eye. However, vue.js encapsulate instruments like two-way data binding and virtual DOM. Vue.js is considered as an appropriate alternative to angular or react.

Next.js the Vision of Universal JavaScript Apps

Recently, next.js is one of the most adopted Java frameworks for building apps. In fact, it has greatly abased React in apps development. Often times, it is known for its quick MVPs.

Meteor.js One of the Most Valuable Tools

Meteor.js, unlike other Java-based technologies, is fast becoming the most relevant JavaScript framework. It can be used to build both front-end and back-end component for an application. The framework is used for diverse purposes. If you’re working with a MEAN stack (or any variation of it that includes the Node platform), bringing Meteor into your software stack is going to help you accelerate the development of iOS, Android, and web applications. It is one of the fastest and effective frameworks for building complex web apps and secondary mobile apps. It is mainly used by an experienced developer to write the first mobile application and also to write client-side and server-side code using JavaScript.

These frameworks have a lot of features in common, but it’s the differences that set them apart. All these frameworks are used to make the user interface of your web app work fine and smoothly, however, the list of JavaScript frameworks is not limited to the above mentioned only. This quick overview is aimed at helping you out in case you need to decide upon one of them.

No matter which framework you plan to choose, here are the main advantages you will be getting:

  • Efficiency — Many different applications are making use of the same underlying code, and frameworks reduce the need to write the code a result,  projects that used to take months can now be achieved much faster with well-structured prebuilt patterns and functions.
  • Safety —popular frameworks have been used by many developers,as a result, most security issues have been addressed and the bugs fixed, in addition, top javascript frameworks have firm security arrangements.
  • Cost — The most popular frameworks are open-source, which means they are free to use..As they help programmers build custom solutions in a shorter period of time, the end price for the desired web app will be lower.