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Questions to Ask a WordPress Developer Before Hiring

If you are a businessman and need to develop a website or create an online platform to boost your business through product advertisement and content creation. WordPress is a good idea to achieve this goal. It is the biggest content management system (CMS) you can trust for your business. But in order to do this, you will need the help of a WordPress developer to develop relevant content that suits your customers. Moreover, before hiring a developer, what are the questions to ask a WordPress developer before you hire?

There is a need for this because without asking the right questions, you might fall victim of hiring an inexperienced and unproductive developer who may mar your customers’ credibility. These questions are:

How many years of experience do you have in developing WordPress solution?

A good number of experience year can be between 3 to 5 years. Ensure your developer has sound experience coupled with knowledge and skill. He must have handled similar WordPress solutions to the one you intend to hire him for. In case you want to hire a whole WordPress company, you will need to do a background check on the year of experience of the company’s developers.

What do you expect me to provide?

A developer does not start developing on the island of nowhere. You must be able to provide him with all the needed materials and support to function effectively. In the process of interviewing him, he must present to you the detail of all he needs to begin the developing task as requested. This might even include your time and cooperation so as to reach your set target for the business.

What is the cost of development?

Not all developers present to their clients the same cost of development, many in a bid to meet up to requirements request estimate beyond the exact cost. The developer through careful analysis of the conditions of operation seek advance payments and so on. It is now left to you to decide if you will hire him or not.

 Will you create a new theme or use an existing one for my website development?

Remember you intend hiring a developer so you can improve on your business growth. This might require you to change your WordPress theme or continue with the existing one. The developer should be able to know which is best for you.

What procedure do you follow to develop a WordPress site?

The procedure to develop a WordPress site are similar for developers. He first requests for your requirements, then builds a development plan alongside your requirements, do a review to test for product quality with the correct theme and finally implement the plan if approved.

What about web design and other things?

Web designing is another thing entirely, with different tasks from those of a web developer. You may also need a tester and a content writer for your website. Don’t assume this whole task is to be completed by your developer. You can, therefore, devise a way by hiring a web development team that could complete all this task for you at once.

Will you build my website with the responsive feature?

A responsive feature enables users to use their devices smartly with much flexibility. When users access the website through a mobile app, the experience is better off than going to the web. Though, most WordPress theme has a response feature but be sure if you will need it.

Do I get complete ownership of my website?

Be careful to avoid losing your website access to a developer. Ensure you claim 100% ownership of your website from a developer upon completion. Request for access such as FTP access, WP Admin access, database access and domain and DNS setting access. Moreover, keep this information very well, you may need them in the future.

Can you develop or add a custom plugin to my WordPress sites?

WordPress developer can create custom plugin and integrations for WordPress if he/she is a professional and you are able to finance the project. Some can do this from scratch while some may develop it from an existing plugin.

What kind of security will my website have?

Your website must possess a level of security that prevents errors, hacks, and bugs. Ask for the protection mechanism he intends using to secure your website.

Will you optimize my website for SEO or search results?

Website optimization is an important criterion to generate traffic online. Until your developer can adequately optimize your website for you, various benefits may be lost.




11 Advantages of Hiring JavaScript Developers for Website Apps Creation 

Are you contemplating hiring JavaScript developers for your next website application? Then this is the most excellent guide for you. This article illustrates 11 advantages of engaging JavaScript developers.

The first advantage is the simple and smooth hiring process.  Numerous organizations like ours make it possible for customers to get excellent services. One can hire a JavaScript developer seamlessly. This is because it makes the hiring process smooth. This improves efficiency in the organization.

The second advantage is that a competent individual can control the design structure. Catchy design outlay is commonplace in most websites. This is what all clients would also want their apps to look like. JavaScript Developers can easily make this happen thanks to their specialization.

The third advantage is the capability to handle uncomplicated demands instantly. Perfect JavaScript programming is usually linked to passion among specialists. From such passion, a perfect, timely and efficient website is a guarantee.

The fourth benefit is the timely delivery of your program. JavaScript developers ensure a well-timed release of your application. This is due to the fact that these programmers are very qualified and competent enough to create an effective program. They are also able to keep track of the application’s development.

The fifth advantage is the capability of JavaScript developers to come up with programs at the most cost-efficient manner.

A JavaScript developer also has vast knowledge transcending both front and back ends. This means that they can take care of the needs of both the client and the client’s customers. They are fully in the know of new technological improvements and work effectively to bring forth the best quality website products.

The seventh advantage is the capability to create a one-stop package thanks to extensive specialization in the field. A JavaScript developer is thus a library of all the qualities of website creation. Maximum benefits in web development can thus be drawn from a JavaScript specialist.

The eighth advantage is that JavaScript developer carter for all the required features about the intended website. Assignment of NDA to the website ensures privacy hence making the information protected. This is accompanied by intellectual property rights for the website products.

The ninth advantage is the capability of the JavaScript developer to upgrade the web or app. This is important to organizations as it helps secure profitability. JavaScript developers, therefore, offer up to date websites.

The tenth advantage is the ability to present a high-performance website product. End-users tend to dislike slow performing websites and applications. JavaScript developers are in a position to mitigate this negatively impacting quality.

The last benefit in this list is the ability to track the performance of the developed application. Application owners have to work on improving their software from time to time. JavaScript developers are always able to provide this essentially important service.

In conclusion, if you are planning to create an online appearance for your business or revamp an old website, then you should hire JavaScript developers!