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Developing Large Applications: Why is Vue.js a Good Choice?

The User Interface, commonly referred to as UI, is crucial for any application. Apps with poor UI capabilities will lead users to quickly uninstall the application. One of the most important parts of developing apps, particularly large-scale ones, is how well users can navigate it. Glitches and loading errors are among some of the most common issues with apps. However, they can be fixed easily.

Introducing Vue.js

Vue.js is a framework that was released in 2014 to help developers fix issues with app UIs. Based on JavaScript, as the ‘js’ in its name suggests, it’s open-sourced as well, making it easily accessible. Additionally, Vue.js supports UI/UX design. Some of its benefits include:

  • Integration is Simple & Easy

Vue.js’s integration capabilities are arguably better than ReactJS. Since it is based on the JavaScript programming language, Vue.js is compatible across various platforms that support the language too.

  • Increased Performance Speed

By simplifying the testing and debugging parts of the development process, Vue.js shortens development time. This is due to the simplistic steps it takes in those areas, thus increasing performance speed. On the other hand, the framework, AngularJS, is often compared to Vue.js, though it falls short in this area.

  • Small Download Size

This allows for Vue.js to be downloaded quickly—another way it’s faster than other frameworks. With less software installed, the computer an application is developed on can handle larger amounts of data during the development process without slowing anything down.

  • Simultaneous Updating

With Vue.js, back-end and front-end development can be simultaneously updated. This means that, when one end of the app is updated, it updates the other end as well.

IBM Hybrid Cloud Design

This is a design management system that was built around Vue.js and can be integrated with WordPress. It also utilizes the Cloud in its development process. This decreases the number of things required to run while an app is being created.

Popular Large-Scale Vue.js Apps

Frameworks can be used for a variety of different projects. A top reason developers like Vue.js is because it helps them create large-scale apps such as Alibaba, Grammarly, WizzAir, and GitLab.

Weaknesses of Vue.js

With every development tool, Vue.js has a few weaknesses. The bigger an app is, the most important it is that those tools are able to maintain those large amounts of processes successfully. Weaknesses of Vue.js include:

  • Some issues with debugging
  • Still in the beta testing phase
  • Few external libraries are integrated into it


The weaknesses listed for Vue.js are common things every framework deals with at some point. It indicates that there’s room for improvement which, as it gets more popular, will happen as developers discover solutions to problems. The fact that Vue.js can support large-scale applications with few significant issues is impressive. Its performance speed, adaptability, and ability to update simultaneously are among Vue.js’s strengths. These are also in-demand qualities developers look for when choosing a framework for the development of their projects.