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10 Advantages of Utilizing a Staffing Agency

Every now and again, a company will receive a huge wave of extra work, whether in the form of new contracts or seasonal work. The first decision a company has to make is whether they can fill the extra positions created or if it is time to use a staffing agency. We will look at 10 reasons why a staffing agency will make your life easier.

Being able to test the water before committing- It is important that all new hires get on well with the rest of the team in order to achieve maximum results. It is also crucial to know if the hire has adequate skills to complete the necessary task. Both of these are very difficult to discover in an interview. With a staffing agency, if the hire doesn’t fit in with the team or if they aren’t able to meet the standards, you can have them replaced. It is not only beneficial for the employer but also for the employee. Both parties can decide if the position is suitable without concerns for the long term.

Having access to expert skills and roles for the short term- Sometimes a new project will require a set of skills that your team does not have. An agency can refine their search for the specific skills you are looking for, this person can come in to complete that particular part of the task and there is no fear of having to find them more work afterward.

Being able to level out resources- There is a similar theory to the point we made before with expert skills. When a company doesn’t have the resources available to complete a project, an agency will be able to provide a source for the short term.

Speedy way to find employees without the stress- The hiring process is one that takes more work and effort than most people realize. As well as the time and stress, it can be costly. This is particularly counter-productive for short-term placements. An agency will take away all of this stress as well as handling the excessive paperwork.

Avoiding ACA limits- Once a company has 50 employees they are obliged to provide their employees with health insurance. Small or new companies may not have the means to do this and this is where an agency is a big advantage. Using contractors through an agency means the work gets done but you are not actually employing the staff.

Costs are categorized differently- When you use staff through an agency, the cost can be allocated to a project and then capitalized. The cost is related to the hours they work on a project. An employee contracted will work an eight hour day but how many of those hours can be associated with the project itself?

More talent available- Agencies will always have workers waiting for jobs. For a company to have the same potential number of qualified candidates, it would need to be constantly advertising. Using an agency allows you to see the workers who are skilled for your specific project while filtering out those who are looking for long-term career opportunities.

Your company’s reputational problems are not involved- Even when we try our hardest to stay squeaky-clean it is possible that our company will have some problems with its reputation. While this may put candidates off who are looking for a job, a contracted worker through an agency doesn’t have the option to choose the company. They are also not interested in office politics and gossip! They arrive, do their job and are gone again.

Training at a reduced cost- Who wouldn’t want to hire an expert in the industry to come in and train your existing team? Unfortunately, this is not always in our budget. An expert contractor can train others in your team and share valuable insights without you having to pay extra.

Reduce or eliminate firing- It’s probably the worst part of being the boss! Whether it’s because of a lack of capital or the position isn’t working out, at some point, you may need to fire someone. Agency workers are not worried about losing their job because they know it is limited to the project. You will not feel the pressure of having to maintain a position.


7 Smart Tips to Ensure Things Go Hitch-Free with Your Development Project

As per Deloitte’s report, IT is in charge of 60% of the absolute sourcing market. It further features that 57% of organizations at present redistributing IT capacities, re-appropriate application improvement and upgrades to programming advancement organizations. Sourcing your improvement ventures, be they portable or web, to seaward advancement organizations diminishes costs and loans the genuinely necessary assistance.

How would you ensure you don’t finish up being another section in those frightfulness stories? Here’s the secret.

  1. Make careful mockups

Along these lines, since you’ve chosen to re-appropriate your advancement venture, it’s an ideal opportunity to put your plan to paper. Also, no we don’t mean a solitary page with a couple of thoughts and musings wrote down in slugs. That is to say, make a careful portrayal of your advanced item. Give you an exact undertaking cost and convey an item you won’t, someplace some way or another, discover an issue in. One of the greatest obstacles to beat when re-appropriating is inadequate correspondence. It’s the underlying driver of most different issues.

Without building up clear lines of correspondence and clarifying, definitely, what you need – you won’t know whether the two gatherings are in agreement or not.  So often it’s happened that the improvement firm included a couple of highlights you never requested, or totally misconstrued the ones you wanted. The most ideal approach to forestall all the disarray is to make a careful mockup that unmistakably characterizes every one of the highlights.

  1. Have your very own specialized task director

This is imperative. In the event that a non-specialized originator attempts to deal with the group, you’ll be putting the nature of the item in danger. Non-tech originators don’t be able to audit the code, and certain unpalatable improvement firms may attempt to exploit and compromise when creating.

  1. Language and culture

Organizations generally embrace an easygoing methodology with regards to culture and dialects. Nonetheless, it’s a critical factor which all of you should consider for re-appropriating application improvement venture.

  1. Know about the run of the mill re-appropriating disappointments

“Just a trick gains from his own mix-ups. The savvy man gains from the missteps of others.” – This statement entireties up this point in one line. Before you re-appropriate your task, you have to distinguish different situations which can prompt disappointment. For instance, recognizable proof of a poor seller, exchange, and determination are the trademark pointers of a fizzled methodology.

  1. Move of information in redistributing ventures

The vast majority of the re-appropriating undertakings have a 6-month time span in which the customer’s representatives move the learning to the provider’s specialists. Those advisors generally take two years to accelerate like a capable expert. That is a tremendous measure of time; be that as it may, the amazing actuality is that notwithstanding when its majority organizations have learned of it, regardless they gripe about the speed at which the provider’s specialists work.

  1. Think about innovation benchmarks

Innovation is a key perspective which you have to remember while re-appropriating. For instance, in the event that you’re building up an application for a startup, at that point, you can’t enlist portable application engineers who have no clue about the responsive plan. Besides, to produce the traffic and leads from the web crawler, you need to fabricate an application which is portable neighborly

  1. Keep away from degree creep at all costs

When you present the mockups to the improvement firm, advance back. Try not to tinker with the extent of work, for example, try not to continue changing the prerequisites of the venture. Except if you think you’ve made a noteworthy blunder, don’t request that they modify the extension. Deferrals happen when you attempt to crush in new highlights once the advancement has begun, in light of the fact that it chaotic heaps up the whole engineering of the application.

8. Work with a staffing agency

Staffing agencies provide a great shortcut because they already have a well-built network of staffers waiting for you to call. No matter the complexity of your project, the right staffing agency will have a deep pool of high-quality candidates to fill your needs quickly.

Depending on your situation, hiring a new full-time employee may not be the only option for you. StaffAugmentation can assess your needs and provide a solution that is right for you.

End: Re-appropriating your product improvement can be an incredible bit of leeway, as far as funds as well as far as experience also. With regards to re-appropriating, the world is your commercial center.


The Hidden overtime Costs and How a Staffing Company Can Help

There was a time when working overtime was a thing in the corporate industry. Employees loved it and employers welcomed it with open arms. The costs involved seemed to be apparent; ‘that’s not the case. The impact of overtime working and the cost implications that come with it can take a toll on a business in ways that we are going to shed light on.

Hidden overtime costs

A flexible payroll budget makes overtime working acceptable and affordable; after all, it also serves as a motivation for employees. The costs involved are made further negligible when the need to work overtime is occasional. While these may not pose a problem, the regular need for employees working overtime comes with consequences that may not be worth it in the end. These consequences are as listed below:


Overworking leads to stress, which harms both the mental and physical health of employees. They need to rest, take care of themselves and other issues outside work in order to give their job the best they have to offer.


A working period longer than 10 hours a day make for non-conducive working environments. The longer the employees work, the more their attention spans and alertness wane. They get in a foggy mental state that harms their health.


Instead of increasing productivity, longer working hours diminish the returns of the employees. It affects their productivity both on a personal and their professional lives. Stanford University found that employees who work for 40 hours weekly get less productive when the working hours are lengthened to 60 hours weekly.


While longer hours may mean more quantity output, it will also lead to lower quality. This is an unaffordable move, especially in situations where the service standards for customers are essential. The avoidable errors and poor quality can lead to losing customers’ trust and subsequent dwindling of the company.

The role of staffing companies in helping you avoid hidden overtime costs

Whenever businesses have plenty of work, they resort to overtime as a resort to keep themselves afloat and beat deadlines. However, staffing companies offer better alternatives.

Add to the number of full-time employees you have

Irrespective of your field or industry, staffing agencies will find you workers and save you the time and effort needed to search for and hire new employees. They will take the burden of recruiting and hiring off your shoulders. You will pay for this service. But this cost is less than that which you would incur in low production that results from overworked staff.

New skills

Whenever you are undertaking new projects that require a set of skills your staff ‘don’t have, it is wiser to get new personnel with the necessary qualifications and skills. You will spend less time training your staff and get on with the project sooner than later. Staffing agencies can save you the hustle by finding you skilled personnel.

Temporary staff

A business has its peak and low periods. As a result, during the lows, the business will feel overstaffed and during the highs, it will be understaffed; despite having the same number of employees.

A staffing agency will evaluate your workforce, get you temporary or temp-to-perm employees and adjust your workforce accordingly.