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Choosing Python for CMS Building

This article will talk about why Python is the best option for CMS building. CMS stands for Content Management System and is a platform where developers can save, create and publish their digital content onto various social media platforms. CMS platforms provide an effortless UI that allows easy navigation for admins with beginner knowledge. 

Key factors to keep in mind when selecting a CMS:

  • Core functionality
  • Communication with customers & users
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Integration with other systems
  • The popularity of the CMS platform
  • Use of language supported by a CMS
  • Cloud storage-saving
  • Great security

Why Choose Python?

Python is one of the top CMS-based platforms. It is used by many well-known companies like Google, Intuit, Facebook, and Cisco. It uses high-level language but can be learned very quickly by its users. 

Maturity Level

Django CMS and Wagtail are two of the most used Python-based CMS platforms. They have greatly matured over the past few years. They allow their users to have access to the community dashboard, which allows users many answers to any questions. These platforms are constantly adding new features and tweaking their design based off feedback and problems their costumer may have faced.

Admin Dashboard

One of the most important features CMS can offer is a prebuilt dashboard. Both Django CMS and Wagtail offer this feature. They provide you with basic functionality to create, publish and manage user content. 

Advanced Features 

One of the biggest positives of a Python-based framework is the powerful and user-friendly features they offer. Features can be added by simply downloading packages and set them up on your platform. An important feature they offer is tagging; related content, tag cloud, and bulletin board. 

  • Understandable

Python CMS is a very powerful and versatile language. However, it is very easy to learn for the user, and comparable to writing the English language. Developers who have little to no coding experience state how easy it is to learn Python.

  • Utilized by World Leaders

Python is used by many major companies like Google, Spotify, Facebook, and Dropbox. It is also well known in the scientific community including, NASA, Electronics Arts, and Disney.

  • Rising Popularity

Python has recently gained a lot of traction and recognition. Many large companies are now hiring Python developers over Java Developers. Python consists of great packages for both data analysis and maintaining your content.

  • Free of Cost

Python is free of charge to use. Packages can be developed at no charge.

  • Third-Party Modules

Py-pi is used as Pythons package manager. Packages like Django registration can also be integrated. 

  • High Productivity

Python is quick and easy to use, meaning developers can easily onboard their projects and start working. Python offers its own unit testing framework, meaning the user writes unit tests before releasing your code. 

Why Python is a Great Solution: Business Standpoint

The following are aspects that should be taken into consideration while choosing a platform:

  • Choosing a well-known platform that supports multiple organization, this means they will be constantly updating their features. It also is likely to have fewer bugs and high code quality
  • Team capability. This means you should choose a platform that all team members are comfortable using.
  • Choose a platform will many features, this means you will be able to extend all features as you need them.


Choosing a Full Stack Developer – What You Should Know

What is a full stack developer? A full stack developer is a developer that is knowledgeable in everything. They are all-in-one programmers. They are known as end-to-end developers. They can build a website on their own, do the coding, presentation, database, and infrastructure.

When to Hire a Full Stack Developer?

Knowing what a full stack developer do will help you know when to hire them. You should hire a full stack developer if you need someone for the following:

  • Create and develop a live website for you
  • Troubleshoot web issues, both technical (interface) and software related concerns
  • Provide testing techniques for apps
  • Web development management

A full stack developer is someone that can understand and perform tasks related to JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Apache, etc.

Finding a Full Stack Developer

Finding a full stack player can be challenging as most developers are focused on only one stack or area of expertise. The best way to find a full stack developer is through online freelancing platforms like Upwork, StartupHire, LinkedIn, among others.

When looking for a full stack developer, you have to check a few things. Ask for the skills they have. This is beyond having a computer science degree. It involves expertise in using different software, app programs, and multiple software languages.

A full stack developer must be an expert in both client and server system (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Ruby, Rails).

Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developer

There is no exact list of what a full stack developer can do. The pay of a full stack developer is higher as compared to other developers. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a full stack developer that you should be aware of.

  • Hiring a full stack developer can save you time. You can screen one candidate for the entire project instead of interviewing different candidates for different stack or area
  • You can save money. You only have to pay one person for the entire project instead of paying a whole team

Tips When Hiring a Full Stack Developer

Since you are looking for an expert, ask for samples. Ask your candidate developer for a sample of their work or portfolio.

It is better to work with someone who already did a few projects in the past. Avoid working with a newbie because they might use your project as a training ground. If they can show code samples from Github or Gitlab, then it would be better.

If you are picking from an online platform, check for client reviews.

To sum it up, hiring a full stack developer can be a smart move if you know what to look for and where to look at. If you know where to find a reliable full stack developer, then you can give it a try. Once you tried working with a single person in creating your next website, you might find yourself entrusting your future projects to a full stack developer.