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The Most Used Programming Languages Reviewed 2021

The applicability of programming languages is vast, ranging from databases and games to constructing websites and web apps. Different developers look for additional capabilities in programming languages to suit their requirements that cut across project size, time limits of the projects, performance, and the type of the project. Here is a list of the top most used programming languages to suit most developers who look for efficiency and effectiveness in languages.

1. Python

This programming language commands the most excellent usability among great industries such as NASA, Google, and Facebook for its readable syntax, which is attributed to its use of English in writing. This means that the language can be easily written and since its interpretation is not so much complicated, then debugging becomes an easy task. It is faster to develop projects using Python language.

2. Swift

It is a programming language that most developers find easily understandable and claims its emergence back in 2014. Apart from its recent emergence, most developers have shown great positivity towards using it primarily for iPhone-operating-system applications and other Apple products. Learning the language is usually straightforward, and even when working with new colleagues in programming, this language would be more favorable. Another advantage is that the language can assist in developing faultless projects and thus fewer regrets.

3. Ruby

Ruby shares some characteristics with Python in that it is easily readable and can support rapid development as its syntax can be written with ease. This is because Ruby’s syntax comprises English phrases or words. While using Ruby, you are likely to get great support from the well-established network of a community of developers and engineers who are most active. Its usability cuts across large companies like Twitter, which perhaps embrace the language for the popular Rails framework. Rails framework is widely applied in the development of web applications.

4. Kotlin

Kotlin language emerged in 2016 and climbed through the stairs to a top position, attracting interests from large and giant companies like Google, Amazon, and Pinterest. Alongside Java, Android’s official programming language offers capabilities for object-oriented programming and grant interactivity with Java. Its popularity and concise characteristic have contributed to most applications rewriting this language as it is more seamless and rigid.

5. Java

Java has maintained its course since its realization back in 1996, proving to be more rigid and faultless. It commands broader usability by most giants like Netflix and Microsoft. According to a survey by Stack Overflow conducted in 2020, most developers continue opting for Java despite the many recent languages like Kotlin in developing products like android applications, web apps, and other various products. The high development speed of Java is much contributed by an actively supporting large community that contributes many resources and well-packed library support. Java can function on various platforms, and thus developers are allowed to continue their projects on different sites. Its syntax is copying the English language making readability easy and debugging of codes simpler.

In the digital era, most companies and individuals, and institutions are geared towards innovative subjects and projects that deserve efficiency and effectiveness in equal measures. Competition chooses programming language as a dominant variant. The surest way to respond to this, more effectively and favorably, is deciding whether Python, Java, Ruby, Kotlin, or Swift best suits you in that given circumstance.