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App Development in 2021: The Best Ideas for Apps

In the age of technology, app development has become vastly more popular than website development—though both are still highly sought after. But, for those developers looking to break into app development or just create something different, sometimes they need a little inspiration.

Why develop apps?

Benefits of making apps include:

  • Being generally less time-consuming to make than a website
  • More cost-effective
  • Higher chances to learn something new
  • Apps can be monetized
  • Can use their analytics to gather user data

What are the best app ideas?

  1. Memes

Since their invention, the use of memes on social media and through messaging has skyrocketed. So many years later, they’re still widely used. There are even more that pop up every day. When someone comes across a meme they want to use but can’t, or maybe they’re looking for a certain one, developing an app that collects them and allows for downloading is an excellent idea.

  1. Social Media Privacy

While each social media platform has their own security and privacy settings, that doesn’t necessarily stop malicious individuals or hackers from approaching users. Thus, developing an app that can be used as a third-party but integrated app with the platform, which prevents those kinds of people from sending messages or comments, is extremely useful.

  1. Quizzes

This is the perfect idea for beginner developers or people who haven’t made an app before. Quiz apps are fun and significantly easier to set up. Plus, they can cover any topic while being as bare or colorful as the developer likes.

  1. Restaurant Booking

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupted the food industry. However, apps that allowed for the organization of limited seating made things easier for restaurants as well as customers. With restaurant booking apps, users are able to pick a table, make reservations, and more. Even as restrictions and lockdowns are slowly being lifted, this is still a useful app idea since it may become a permanent addition to the way people eat out.

  1. Calorie Tracker

A larger focus on being healthy has risen over the past year in particular. Users needed something that could help them keep track of things like how much they exercised, how many steps they took, and how many calories they burned daily. Thus, calorie-tracking apps became popular. They allowed people to enter the foods they ate and the apps would make a record of the daily calorie intake. Of course, since the apps needed to account for all kinds of foods on top of their calorie counts and any extra features, the amount of data and coding needed to develop these apps is substantial.


Apps of all kinds are being developed daily. There is no shortage of them, nor is there ever likely to be. These are only a few useful ideas for app development but, ultimately, the functionality of the app is more important. They can contain great concepts and not work at all. Apps that gain the most popularity are interesting, functional, and helpful for users.

App Development in 2021: Analysis of A Growing Market

From unemployment rates to more screen time, the pandemic has significantly impacted life. One impact is the increase in production and consumption of mobile apps.
Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality (VR) is a visual experience that replaces what you see with a virtual world. Augmented Reality (AR) layers virtual objects and characters on what you naturally see. Pokemon Go is an example of AR and Five Nights at Freddy’s is a VR game. AR games generally trend higher because they don’t require headsets.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer-based system that works like a human mind but on a faster level. It learns the more it’s used to improve the functions and experiences of its user. Common AIs are Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. However, standard apps are incorporating AI programs due to their effectiveness.
Mobile deposits, transfers, and the popularity of the Wallet feature have kept mobile banking at the top of this category. Additionally, Android and Apple have their own apps that serve the same purpose.
As a result of the pandemic, companies shifted to solely online shopping experiences. Convenience, free shipping, guaranteed refunds, and sales have kept many businesses open. Retail apps are popular among consumers because they can save, share, and give feedback for their favorite stores.
Restaurants and fast food establishments limited hours, let go of staff, and implemented sanitary regimens as a result of the pandemic. Consumers began to rely more on apps to have their food delivered. Uber Eats is the most popular app in this category due to its flexibility and features. Consumers can order from a number of local places, see menus and prices, view ratings, track orders, and leave feedback for the drivers.
Video Streaming
With a flat rate and easy-to-use app, Netflix was at the top of the video streaming category. It generated the most income, but YouTube remained the app consumers spent the most time on. However, Twitch stands as one of the top live streaming platforms. It lets creators interact with consumers, accept donations, and provide incentives.
A decrease in social interaction resulting from the pandemic created a reliance on social and messaging apps. Platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger became popular. These apps implemented video call features and visual filters. However, Snapchat continues to be favored and is used more by the teenage generation.
Despite restrictions, travel and navigation-based apps displayed an increase in hotel bookings, carpooling, public transport, and more. Apps used for bicycle and scooter rentals were unexpectedly popular. Through these apps, people could locate and rent these forms of transportation.
With initial and in-app purchases, this category accumulated a significant income. However, China’s hold on gaming app production will likely affect future production. As it stands, Candy Crush Saga remains the most downloaded gaming app, as well as the second-largest in revenue.
Health & Fitness
As commute to jobs stopped due to the pandemic, people utilized time on healthier activities. Apps that recorded weight loss, physical activity and provided stress-relieving techniques saw growth in downloads and use.
What Kind of App is Right for You?
When making an app, consider the relevance for users and how comfortable it is to navigate. Features like reward programs and in-app banking may add incentives that convince users to download your app. Most importantly, know what apps your users have because they are your competition.
Price Breakdown
There is no average range since the cost is determined by the number of people working on the app, its content, and how much time is spent. Once information is collected, the team divides the project into sections with an anticipated time frame. An outline of the app is created and an estimate is sent to you. Apps generally take more than 300 hours and range between 50 to 99 USD per hour.