In the world of e-commerce, Shopify ranks as one of the best. As stated by BuiltWith, Shopify is being used by almost 2 million live websites. Comparing the rate of growth of Shopify with other e-commerce platforms, it’s the fastest growing and, as such, it tends to be the most beneficial for you and your business.

The unique features possessed by Shopify, as well as the numerous advantages it offers, make it the top choice platform when compared with other media.

Just by using your mobile phone, you can boost sales on your Shopify store simply by using the mobile app. I’d be revealing some key points that’d help you keep your audience engaged and eventually increase your revenue when using the Shopify mobile app to run your Shopify store.

  • Notification for Engagement 

Due to the very low conversion rate associated with the use of emails in sending notifications out to customers, it has been found that it is more advantageous to use mobile apps to perform such tasks for your eCommerce brand. The conversion rate associated with the use of mobile apps to send out a notification to customers is higher than when using emails due to the fact that people are constantly using their mobile phones, and as such, there is a higher chance that they’d open the notification. 

Hence, the use of this strategy by Shopify experts in gaining large amounts of traffic to websites, which eventually causes sales to skyrocket.

  • Customer personalization 

Identification of the preferences and interests of your audience can be made through the use of shopping apps. It gives you a clearer picture and makes it easier to personalize the individual experiences of your customers. This eventually leads to increased revenue.

 It tells you what your customers are picking and dropping. This information can be used to know what exactly your customers want but don’t end up buying due to one reason or the other. Decisions can be made to probably give discounts on such products or services to encourage their purchase. 

  • Flexible payment options 

Making several options available for your customers to make payments can be easily made through your mobile app. This helps encourage your customers to pay with ease, as they are provided with an array of payment options to choose from.

 This option includes Credit cards, Debit cards, Gift cards, PayPal, Google pay, Apple pay, etc. Shopify programmers can help build this into the app for you.

  • Loyalty program

 Here, extra offers are given to customers that purchase items frequently from your store, as well as customers that refer the app to their friends and family members, who eventually buy from your store. This helps boost sales and encourage customers to continue patronizing your store and referring others too.

  • Single click purchasing 

 In order not to bore customers with lots of clicks while trying to purchase items from your store. It is advisable to make the steps involved in buying from your store as simple as possible. 

  • Referral program 

This is a very good way to promote your store on mobile apps. Incentives are given to customers for referring other customers to your store. The customers’ contact lists can be integrated into the app to make it easier to send out referrals.

  • Use of Augmented reality 

This helps to give your customers a feel of what they want to buy. It is such that the camera of the device can be used to portray real-world scenarios. For example, a customer who wants to buy shoes can see how they look before buying them.

  • Customer services

This helps to provide the customers with a means to monitor their purchases, make complaints, ask questions, and even more.

In order to upgrade your business to levels never before imagined, yielding mass revenue, it is advisable to consider the methods listed above.