Your website is at the core of your business, and this has proven to be true because of the unending access of various individuals in various parts of the world to the internet at any given time. This is why web development remains a very important aspect of your business. A recent survey showed that visitors are likely to interact with your website if they find it appealing. Creating a website that appeals to your visitors will involve the employment of both a web developer and a web designer. Both employees will see that all the vital elements are infused into the website and create a consistently lasting effect on the viewers. A lot of people get it mixed up when it comes to both roles. Yes, the web developer and web designers both work on your website, but even though it seems that they both work hand in hand on web development, they have completely different roles to play in seeing your website’s success.

A web designer’s job is hinged around instituting a vision that entails how the appearance and functionality of your website will be. They develop and incorporate beautifully crafted interfaces that attract and keep visitors glued to your website. The role of a web designer is crucial because they ensure that visitors troop to your website and spend their time on your website. They find out about the web design patterns in vogue, stick to design standards, and research what interests people in a website.

Web designers include;

UI Designer- Is responsible for creating a user-friendly interface for your website.

UX Designer– Is responsible for assessing the desires of web users and even potential users through research and ensuring that users’ needs are satisfied.

Visual Designer– They exhibit professionalism in graphic design, visual communications, and branding.

A web developer is responsible for modifying, coding, and designing the website using different programming languages such as JavaScript. They develop a framework for the website and ensure that it functions optimally. Web development includes being a

Front-end developer– Creates the interface for your website and institutes different graphic features using various programming languages.

Back-end Developer– Responsible for running and looking after the servers that host the website

Full-stack Developer– Vast in both front and back-end programming and contribute immensely to the success of the web strategies.

Choosing between a Web developer and Web designer

Web designer; For visual creations for your website

  • Create the design and layout of a website and webpages
  • Provision of wireframes and mockups

Web developer; To code-up the wireframes provided by the web designer

  • Transform the templates into a website that works
  • Create site navigation and style that follows the guidelines of the brand.
  • Creation of robust programs needed for website creation.