At the front-end of app development, ReactJS (also called React) contains many tools that aid with the development process. There are also a significant number of libraries and a community of dedicated developers.

Let’s look at some of the top development tools for React.

Create React App

With a focus on coding, this tool was designed by Facebook to decrease coding time by implementing reusable codes. It can work with CSS, supports many syntaxes, and helps make updating smooth.


It has an interesting Airbnb configuration feature, as well as a speedy code analysis element that helps detect errors and bugs in the code.


The name of this tool derives from the process it works in—‘stories’, or functions in an app, are combined to make up the entire ‘document’, thus dubbing it a ‘storybook’. Storybook creates individual UI components. In development, this tool aids with testing and the tools it uses (i.e. Jest, Enzyme, etc).

React Testing Library

As its name suggests, React Testing Library works on testing code. It’s light and quick in its executions as well.

React Bootstrap

It’s very popular and possibly the oldest React library. React Bootstrap has been particularly favored by developers with native HTML experience. The original version, just called Bootstrap, was re-created to work in React. At its core, it’s still compatible with the previous version since the basic code is the same. Additionally, it’s a CSS framework that helps build well-functioning UIs.

React Developer Tools

Open-sourced and acting as a tree of sorts, React Developer Tools is widely used by developers. It was even made by the React development team. This tool encourages developers to create hooks without the need to make a class for them. More of its options include the ability to track interactions, see the source code, and it shows the performance of debugging using a profiler.

React Cosmos

Primarily interested in the reusable code aspect of development, React Cosmos works to decrease coding time on as many levels as possible. It has a powerful component scanning ability that also allows developers to render those components. With this tool, debugging is easier and it comes with a component library as well.


This tool gives a visual aspect to the development process. Reactide’s live coding element and hot reload option are its strongest features. It’s an IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, primarily for React developers.


Unlike the other tools on this list, CodeSandbox is an online code editor with a wide support of NPM dependency. It makes sharing an application’s code as simple as copying its URL, which is perfect for a team of React developers. Also, it further adds flexibility because it’s compatible with all JavaScript tools.


Sitting at the top of the list for popular development tools, React’s influence is vast. This means that there are many resources, libraries, and tools that are compatible with React. Each of those development tools has a different purpose, including varying features that work for certain kinds of applications. Though, with all of them at a developer’s fingertips, finding the right one could certainly be a challenge.