App development is one of the most popular tasks in the tech industry. Millions of apps are being created every month and developers use two primary methods of building them:

  1. Utilizing a framework, or
  2. Building it from the ground up with a programming language.

Developer preference, the details of the project, the skills of a developer, and the resources available are some of the things that contribute to how apps are put together. From integration capabilities to high-quality functionality, two systems that come to mind for app development are Laravel and Core PHP.

Core PHP

Used to construct dynamic web pages, Core PHP is a pure programming language that helps developers build an app from scratch. With this language, code is written from the beginning rather than relying on a framework. Frameworks of PHP still use the PHP language in addition to:

  • Debugging and code repairing tools
  • MVC, MVVM, and more that separate certain layers of code (i.e. business and appearance)
  • Pre-programmed actions for repeated coding


This is a PHP framework that is known for being adaptable to large, complex apps and maintains a speedy performance. Compared to Core PHP, which is considered an expert-level development tool, Laravel is simpler and recommended for novice app development.

The Comparison

  • Quality of Development

Made for developers with little experience, Laravel has a structure that makes code solid, protects it, and allows for easy comprehension. On the other hand, Core PHP is developer-based. This means a developer’s skills determine what the code looks like and how it functions.

  • Simplicity/Complexity to Learn

Its automated features make Laravel much easier than Core PHP for developers to grasp the function of. However, as with any new software, the application and use of development tools still take time to master. For developers who are easily adaptable to their changing field, they have more freedom in how to put their app together. By learning how to use Core PHP, it will make using frameworks constructed in PHP much simpler.

  • Level of Protection

Due to its basic, loosely-based structure, Core PHP doesn’t contain any internal security measures. Developers must code their own security protocols into the software. Alternatively, Laravel does have a security system in place with authentication protocols. It protects against cross-scripting attacks and prevents SQL injection, among other features.

The Result

Core PHP and Laravel utilize the PHP language or framework. While Core PHP is a programming language and Laravel is a framework, they are both beneficial to app development. Out of the two, Core PHP is certainly better suited for more experienced developers, but it can be a good practice tool as well. Laravel is also trusted by the developing community with access to many tools and features. It isn’t necessarily hindered by how simple or complex the app’s code is. It’s viewed as a trustworthy aspect of the development process.

With every development project, the tools used can play an important role in how efficient and successful the project is. Doing personal research into each potential avenue for development is a great way to get accustomed to what tools and software are best for what kind of project.