The 21st-century generation is depending heavily on social media. In fact, social media is a basic need in the digital era. Building and maintaining social media platforms are not accessible because one has to develop the best technology and mode of promotion. The social media platform should have fascinating features to attract netizens.

Fascinating features for social media platforms

Social media platforms do not refer to all applications, while all applications do not refer to social media. This paper contains detailed critical features for building social media platforms from scratch.

Charming profile
To begin creating a social media network, one needs to create an account. The account comprises name, password, user name, profile photo, and sometimes personal interests. The profile expresses the user’s biography and thoughts. The following are customized ways of creating your profile added should be charming.

A charming profile photo should be edited to add filters. Be careful when selecting the background photo to use. It can be your photo or a picture of your interest. The profile should be accompanied by a short and precise biography that is not limited to texts only. The bio can be in the form of a photo, video, link to your social media accounts, or a list of hobbies.

All social network platforms should have feed news for airing updates. Users are free to share updates from feed to their accounts; they can comment and engage in discussions with other users.

Social media network without friends and followers is like a vehicle without passengers. To grow a charming social media network, you need friends and followers to keep your account active.

Diverse language support
Never think that English is the most used language in the world. Your account will be visible to people from all walks of life if more languages are added.
Statistics show that 48% of social media networks do not use English.

Chatting keep users active more so when the discussion is emotional. Users tend to use informal communication like emojis, but this does not show that users should be restricted from engaging in such talks.

Backend technology stack
This kind of Stack allows programmers to develop websites using JavaScript only. MEAN Stack is a combination of Mongo database, Express JavaScript, Angular, and Node JavaScript. Developing sites using MEAN is cheaper and time-saving because you do not need to hire many developers.
LAMP is a combination of Linux OS, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The merit of the Stack is that it makes web development faster and simple.
MERN consists of Mongo database, Express.JS, React.JS, and Node.JS. React allows developers to write codes faster.
RoR consists of two leading technologies, i.e., Ruby and Ruby on rails.

Backend languages
Every web application has its unique features, and so attracts its programming language. The most common language used is PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. Each language has its features and supports different applications.

You are not limited to the technology you can use to develop your website or application. It will entirely depend on the requirements and the set budget.

You can choose the correct programming language depending on the preference. If you need an application within the shortest time possible, you can opt to use RoR. PHP is considered when developing a crucial application, and the deadline must be met.