Mobile users account for more than half of the online traffic so as a business, you should be focusing on mobile to grow your company. Building a mobile application does not need to take a lot of time and effort if you use a tool like Angular. 

Angular is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks. It was created by Google, and it is open-source so can be used by developers to build modern web applications. Focusing on speed and performance, Angular is used by companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Paypal, YouTube, Google, AWS, Nike, McDonald’s, UPS. 

There are several benefits to using Angular. It allows native app building and development of progressive web apps and desktop apps across all platforms. You can easily convert templates into highly optimized code. Angular works with PHP, Node.js, .NET, and other platforms. 

Applications built with Angular load very quickly and it allows for fast UI view creation thanks to templates. There are plenty of available IDEs and testing tools, command-line interface, and high-performance animation. 

Originally released in 2012, Angular is still in active development. It uses MVC (Model-View-Controller), consisting of 

  • Model – receiving the input from the controller and managing information
  • View – representing the received information
  • Controller – responding to the various inputs and sending the information from the input to the model. 

Besides being an exceptional framework for single-page application development, Angular has even more benefits. It binds HTML and JavaScript together and thus ensures that any changes to the application are reflected automatically in the view and changes in the view are reflected in the application state. 

Angular uses directives which are markers on a DOM element. They instruct the HTML compiler to transform the DOM element and its children or to attach a behavior to the particular element. 

Thanks to existing templates, developers can build applications fast and with very clean and well-structured code. And being compatible, applications built with Angular can run on both mobile and desktop platforms. 

The ability to create clean, efficient, and cross-platform applications means that you can save a lot of effort, money, and time for the development of your mobile application. 

And there are even more benefits to using Angular. It is built with Typescript – an open-source programming language, which was created by Microsoft and is very similar to JavaScript but with added optional static typing. This means that variables do not need to be defined before they are used – which allows for reliable and quick detection of errors in the programming and less time spent on debugging. This is very important since developers often spent up to 75% of their time debugging – another way to save time and money. 

And being a framework, Angular makes it possible for developers to reuse the code really easily. This means lower time to market and improved productivity of your development team. 

Overall, Angular allows for the development of applications that are easy to maintain, with clean, reusable, and bug-free code. So if you are looking to have a cross-platform application, and save time and money for the development, you should definitely consider using Angular.