The e-Commerce industry has boomed over recent years, and during the recent global health crisis, they have become an essential part of our lives. Magneto is used by 86,000 e-Commerce platforms, with only WooCommerce having more. In total, 29.89% of online stores use Magento. So, what makes Magento such a popular choice? Here are 10 reasons why you should consider Magento for your e-commerce site.

  1. It was Designed with e-Commerce in Mind.

Magento is a complete solution that offers an amazing CMS for online stores with a full set of dynamic features for e-Commerce solutions. It is actually the default CMS for all online businesses and is the key to success with e-Commerce. It’s like the gin to the tonic or the cream to your coffee; they partner beautifully.

  1. Magento is Open Source

Being open-source, it is both free, and developers can add to it to make it more suitable for their needs. The Magento Community Edition (CE) is easy to install, and you can enhance your site with the help of Magento modules that you can develop and/or install.

  1. Superior Performance

For optimum performance, Magento excels at page load time, query processing, and static and dynamic operations. With just a few hundred milliseconds of latency, Magento meets yet another user performance requirement. When you combine it with optimized databases like Varnish or FPC, your online store is even more efficient.

  1. It’s Ability to Multitask

To save valuable time, Magento enables site owners to carry out various tasks at the same time, all the while, you can keep a close eye on your site’s performance. With the user-friendly admin-panel, you can manage items, billings, and customer details in one place.

  1. Magento is a Flexible Option

Magento developers can take full advantage of the complete control over website design. It goes without saying that you can develop a front-end to make sure your users have to best experience. Still, Magento allows developers to customize the backend to meet specific individual needs. It’s difficult to imagine a solution with more flexibility.

  1. It’s Optimized for Mobile Use

More and more consumers turn to their mobiles instead of desktops to search the internet and shop online. It is essential that your e-commerce site is not just mobile-friendly but also pleasing to mobile-savvy users. Magento is compatible with smartphones and supports HTML5. It will adjust image sizes to fit the right screen, and you can include videos. Developers love the drag and drop features to simplify design and maximize user experience.

  1. Integration is quick and easy.

Integration with your other third-party services is effortless with Magento. Needless to say, you will want to integrate solutions like payment gateways and databases. There will also be a need for solutions for order tracking, shipping, and transportation. It gets even better when you consider that Magento has a range of built-in tools from Google, such as Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base.

  1. It’s SEO Friendly

SEO is still essential in today’s e-commerce market, and you still need to take advantage of features that will position your online store higher up on search engine rankings. These features include sitemaps, URL rewrites, tags, descriptions, and SEP friendly URL structure.

  1. Magento Support

There is an impressive technical team behind Magento offering both traditional and online support. You can access specific support regarding security and stability and help make your e-Commerce site easier and faster for users and more productive for you.

  1. The Magento Community

The community behind Magento is another massive support source and is made up of developers, Project managers, and CEOs across the globe. This community works together to provide solutions and fixes so that everyone can benefit from a better product.