React Native is a beautiful open-source versatile app development device made by Facebook and the network. You can assemble Android and iOS apps utilizing the framework.

Making an application utilizing native languages, for example, Java, Objective-C, and C# will take a considerable amount of time. What’s more, on the off chance that you employ a specialist in these languages, it will cost you a fortune.

So what would you be able to do in this circumstance?

You may incline toward React Native for building the following portable app for your business. Yet, for what reason are an ever-increasing number of individuals getting keen on this framework in recent years?

It’s basically because this is a fantastic, cross-platform versatile app development apparatus that lets you fabricate top-notch portable apps exceptionally quickly.

Below are the reasons why you should choose React Native language for your app development.

  1. Stunning Performance

It may not be as fast as the native apps that are built with native languages, for example, Java, Objective-C, and C#. However, you will get close native execution as it gives you native segments like Image, View, and Text.

A portable app dependent on React Native isn’t an HTML5, crossbreed, or a versatile web app. Or maybe, it’s an official mobile app.

You can take your React Native app execution to the following level by improving your application with native code. Indeed, React Native lets you utilize native code, as well. For the most exceptional performance, you can assemble a few highlights in your app using native code and a few highlights with React Native.

  1. Rich UI

React Native lets you make one of a kind, eye-getting UIs through pre-assembled critical parts, for example, Picker, Button, Slider, Switch, etc. You can likewise make your parts with TouchableNativeFeedback and TouchableOpacity. There are many iOS and Android-explicit parts accessible to make it work productively on Android and iOS mobiles.


iOS – ActionSheetIOS, AlertIOS, DatePickerIOS, ImagePickerIOS, ProgressViewIOS, PushNotificatoinIOS, SegmentedControlIOS, and so forth.

Android – DatePickerAndroid, DrawerLayoutAndroid, PermissionsAndroid, ProgressBarAndroid, TimePickerAndroid, ToastAndroid, ToolbarAndroid, ViewPageAndroid, and so forth.

  1. Quick App Development

React Native gives you segments for text, picture, console input, scrollable records, progress bar, movements, clipboard, connecting, etc. These segments enormously accelerate the app development process, and the Hot Reloading highlight likewise spares you a ton of time as it lets you reload your app without recompiling the whole code.

React Native libraries, for example, Redux (for taking care of your app’s state) and Awesome React Native (a rundown of parts and demos) will likewise assist you with finishing your portable app development work quicker.

Development devices like Nuclide for composing code, Yoga for building formats, Sentry for the blunder and crash checking, and React Developer Tools for investigating make the React Native development process significantly more straightforward and quicker. Other incredible React Native devices incorporate VS Code, Ignite, Expo, and Bugsnag.

  1. Cross-stage Development

Code once, use it all over the place. Set aside time and cash by building cross-platform apps. Never the less, remember that you, despite everything, need to make some stage-specific alterations.

  1. Solid Community Support

There are over 2,000 donors with over 85,000 stars on GitHub.

Organizations, for example, Callstack, Software Mansion, Microsoft, and Infinite Red, have added to this framework. You will discover heaps of React Native parts and libraries made by the network of engineers on locales like and Native Directory.

Find support on StackOverflow, Reddit, or Codementor. You’ll generally discover somebody to support you. You can likewise find support from the Reactiflux Discord people group, the React Native Facebook Group, and the React Native Spectrum people group.

  1. Simple to Learn

See the coding style from the Hello World program beneath. You can easily understand the accompanying code model if you know the essentials of JavaScript and React.

The official docs are novice well disposed, and have code models. Other than the official documentation, you may likewise give the accompanying to get hands-a shot.

  • The Complete React Native + Hooks Course on Udemy
  • Multiplatform Mobile App Development on Coursera
  • React Native Tutorial for Beginners on YouTube
  • Revival video instructional exercise
  • A curated rundown of model apps

You’ll likewise get helpful React Native related data on places like Medium, DevTo, React Native blog, and React Native Twitter page.

  1. Validity

Popular, versatile apps, for example, Facebook, F8, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, Skype, Bloomberg, Discord, Tesla, Airbnb, Chop, Artsy, Walmart, and Vogue, have utilized this framework.

That talks a great deal!


Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Right?

I discussed numerous positive parts of React Native. In any case, it has a couple of issues, for example, colossal app size, memory spillage in Android apps because of unnecessary procedures that run out of sight, slow app dispatch is given certain conditions, etc. Be that as it may, you can fix and deal with these issues somewhat.

You can minimize the app size by lessening the number of libraries and segments utilized in the app. You may likewise pack pictures and enhance app assets to bring down the size of your application.

You can take care of the memory spillage issue in an Android app by utilizing looking over records like SectionList, FlatList, and VirtualList. Abstain from using ListView to dispose of memory spills. To fix the moderate app dispatch issue, you need to diminish the number of conditions in your app, and you have to utilize the parts that perform well overall.


If you intently investigate the advantages and the issues of React Native, you will understand that the professionals of this framework vigorously exceed the cons. The problems that you’ll spot are not huge. The disadvantages of this framework are immaterial, as the advantages you’ll get are overly energizing and enormously astonishing.

Simple correspondence between React Native and native, easy distributing to Google Play Store, capacity to work for TV gadgets, and reconciliation with existing apps are a portion of the other fascinating highlights and advantages that accompany this cutting edge versatile app development instrument.