Today, Laravel is the most popular framework and dedicated Laravel developers are in high demand. But, before we look at some of the best ways to hire a developer, let’s get a better understanding of what Laravel is.

Why choose Laravel

This is an open-sourced PHP-based framework that is popular among developers for developing web applications. It follows the MVC pattern and is quick and easy to use because of the ability to reuse components from other frameworks.

Another reason for its popularity is the advanced security features and the extensive choice of functionalities. Despite being easy to use, you will still need a Laravel developer.

The advantages of hiring a Laravel developer

Developing top featured apps:

If your e-Commerce site is built using Laravel, users can enjoy a quick performance from various devices. Your site design can be customized and incorporated with secure web applications. By using the built-in tools in the PHP framework, you will experience faster and more stable web development.

Migration for databases:

The Laravel Migration will help expand the database structure each time you make an adjustment, this will also increase the flow. With Laravel Schema Builder, you can quickly build database tables and insert columns and/or indices.

Reducing maintenance costs:

As well as the enriched user experience, in-built tools, and easy customization, the latest advancements in PHP include the development of responsive and modular websites. Laravel is extremely well written with over 20 libraries.

Laravel developer community

The Laravel community is widespread and proactive, working together and supporting each other with the aim to improve e-Commerce web sites. You will be able to receive invaluable help from this community.

Advanced analytics

In order to understand your users better, analytics is crucial and will assist you in the decision-making process. The popularity of Laravel has definitely strengthened thanks to the migrations features that generate user tables, adding new members to the database and much more.

Choosing to Hire A Laravel Developer from your Local Market

This option involves searching through job postings. You can set your requirements and filter out those developers who fit your needs best. Invite these for an interview, similar to a traditional active recruitment process.

The advantages are that you will have total control over the developer and their timetable. You will also not have to worry about time zones or locations.

On the downside, you will have to provide all of the tangible assets needed. Local rates may be more expensive, particularly if you are looking in the USA and UK. It also means you ill probably have to sign long-term contracts so you may have to keep the developer on even after the project has finished.

Choosing to Work with a Staffing Company

A staffing company will have its own team of qualified Laravel developers and you just need to provide the details of your project and they will carry out all the aspects from start to finish. In many situations, a company will set up a business analyst to communicate with you and a project manager to maintain control of the project.

The advantages are that you are freed from being the project manager and you can save time having to screen candidates.

Choosing to Hire a Laravel Team

This option is a nice combination of the two. The developer will work out of their own location but will communicate directly to you, meaning you can monitor each step of the progress made via dashboards or online conferencing apps. At the same time, you can also hire developers with more experience and skills.

On the plus side, you won’t have to pay for the developers’ taxes or insurance as the offshoring company does this. Said company may be cheaper, depending on the location. You have much more control over the hiring process and the project. There is also an increased amount of flexibility as you can scale up or down depending on the number of developers you need.

The cons include potential issues with the location and time zones and there is a lack of options to work on confidential projects.

Things to Consider about Laravel Developers

While you are recruiting a Laravel developer, you should ensure that candidates are able to:

  • Clearly and precisely describe their code and development process
  • Closely estimate the cost and time necessary for a project
  • Understand the latest versions of the Laravel framework
  • Collect fresh ideas and hints for the Laravel framework

Some Crucial Things Before you Hire A Laravel Developer

Regardless of the location of your developer, there are some things you must be aware of:

  • The candidate should know your industry- if they are going to develop your website, which will not only represent your brand but also provide your income, they should have some knowledge of the field you are in.
  • A candidate’s portfolio- while interviewing, you need to look at the portfolio as it contains examples of their experience and the quality of their skills and work
  • A candidate’s work record- this is another method for checking the candidate’s work experience, skills, and levels of professionalism.
  • Cost- while working on your budget, remember that Laravel developers can be hired at a fixed cost or an hourly basis.

How To Hire The Best Laravel Developers

When a developer uses Laravel PHP frameworks they will save coding time and therefore increase productivity while reducing certain costs. You first need to have a clear plan for your project and know exactly what you need in a developer in order to complete it. Once you understand your requirements, you can begin the search for your perfect Laravel developer.