After years of high unemployment, many countries worldwide have got a handle on the issue and unemployment has fallen or even hit all-time lows. This is obviously a positive thing for the workforce, but it does make like harder for employers who are in search of the most qualified candidates.

As unemployment falls, so does the talent pool, which is why you have probably noticed it getting harder to find the candidate who ticks all of your boxes. Not only this but you might notice that the process is taking longer.

If you are nodding your head in agreement, it might be time to look at using a staffing agency to find the perfect hire (or hires) for you.

Niche staffing agencies know your business.

Large staffing agencies are a little bit like a ‘Jack of all trades’. They know about a lot of different industries but they don’t have expert knowledge in any of them. They might not be confident with the particular details of your industry.

The theory behind a niche staffing firm is similar to that of the ‘Jack of all trades’. They are smaller and are able to pay closer attention to your specific industry and business needs. When looking for hire, you need information about the candidates in your field, not the general market. The service a niche staffing agency provides is considered more personal.

Looking in the right place

Large staffing agencies will place rather general recruiting adverts because they aren’t just looking for candidates for you. They look for numbers instead of specific skill sets. This is not a bad thing, it is what they need to do to bring in large numbers of potential employees.

Because the niche staffing firm has more knowledge of what you need, they will search for particular candidates to more suitably fit your requirements. Rather than looking on sites that produce high numbers of applications, they will look for a lower number of applicants in your field.

Large or small- it’s the same technique

Both large agencies and niche agencies use the same methods to recruit candidates. There is a range of tools, techniques and computer software that can streamline the process. The results are different but the process is the same.

Both large and small staffing agencies will be able to assist you when you need to write job descriptions, pre-screen candidates and even interview them. And both agencies have a larger network of candidates, active and passive.

As we have mentioned before the difference comes down to the ability of a niche staffing agency to look for the more appropriate candidates for your needs. And this goes for networking too.

A better result

Not only is a niche staffing agency more able to find the candidates that are more qualified for your particular needs, but you might find they are more willing to do it for a better price.

Large staffing agencies (in general) are looking to work with large companies. Perhaps they aren’t as interested in working with smaller companies because you might only be looking for one or two hires. Their prices might reflect their size!

Before using the most popular staffing agency, have a look around for one that has knowledge in your industry. They will be able to find better candidates for you and probably for a better price.