Blockchain development which began with the advent of cryptocurrency has morphed from a hobby to a very well-paying career with good prospects. Companies engaged in such projects are scrambling to find and keep the little pool of professional Blockchain developers with a lot of effort and a little bit of luck. The world of Blockchain development is a tight-knit community having people with diverse methods of working and with this in mind you can set out in a successful quest of finding a good Blockchain developer.

Bitcoin has fast become a tool for trade, and thus, the demand for talented Blockchain developers has risen far beyond their availability. Companies working on such projects have had to go to great lengths to absorb and retain this talent. This places these developers at an advantage as they are at liberty to make demands that suit their needs; demands which any company wishing to hire one has to oblige to.

The manner in which this new crop of programmers work is a bit different from the traditional approach, and thus, attention should be paid to these factors in order to find and attract them with your offer.

The Hiring Method

Blockchain developers rarely search for jobs in the usual job search boards as they are usually engaged with other projects. These people have specific places where they meet to discuss the latest trends in the world of Blockchain development. It could be an online community or, a forum where they meet to engage each other on projects they’re working on. Thus, finding such a person will require you to join such groups or attend events such as conferences.

Their Demands

These developers know they are sought after and will have a price tag that is a bit higher than your average software developer.  You need to be tactful when discussing the pay package with this developer since they will opt for the company that bids the highest.

Working Conditions

The average Blockchain developer has a different lifestyle from the typical office corporate. Their work fits in their flexible schedule and thus, their time for rest is not the usual time most companies are accustomed to. A company should be willing to accommodate this flexible schedule if they wish to retain a Blockchain developer. They may want to work remotely with holidays in between. Such demands must be met for them to take any interest in your project.

Growth Opportunities

A good way of attracting a Blockchain developer is to allow them to pursue opportunities such as furthering their education and even engaging in other development projects elsewhere while working on yours. This freedom will ensure they are satisfied and rest assured they will maintain a working interest in your project and your company. You can also engage them by allowing them to attend developer’s conferences, giving them that chance to meet and interact with like-minded people.

Retaining Strategies

When you have found the right candidate and he/she is now a part of your team, you can ensure they stay by giving them incentives such as periodic salary reviews to meet the current market standards. In addition, you may also want to provide them with a good environment to work in, ensuring that they remain stress-free and able to concentrate sufficiently on the tasks in your project.

Once all these factors are at play, you rest assured of completing your project on time as you have the best Blockchain developer on your side.