The methods of recruiting vary from one recruiter to the other. In fact, a recruiter tends to have styles of recruiting which are unique to him. While the overall goal of recruiters is to get a quality and capable candidate for the job. But it has been observed that recruiters often fail to do so.

Due to the variation and unconventional styles of recruiting employed by recruiters, a fair deal of errors has been incorporated. This article seeks to examine the blunders associated with hiring and also suggests possible panacea to correcting the mistakes. The mistakes include:

Salary Attractiveness

Candidates tend to go for jobs with the highest possible salary available. Some candidates create themselves very high and will demand salaries that is excessive. Of course, this is subject to negotiations, but recruiters usually fail at this, leading to wasting of the applicants’ time.

Money is the most important factor that determines the choice of job for candidates. It is therefore usually surprising that recruiters at times decide not to include the range of salary in their job description. This will naturally lead to major problems, which includes:

  1. Wasting the applicant’s time – The effort such a person has put into applying for the job is also wasted.
  2. There is the likelihood of receiving applications from a whole lot of people – both experienced and inexperienced. This proliferation of applications makes it difficult for you to meticulously examine each applicant.

The solution is to make sure you highlight any privilege that the candidate would enjoy. You should also state the salary you want to offer in clear terms.

Not Calling, Texting, or Replying

Sometimes, job seekers can run into a brick wall. They may get fed up, perhaps because they have been looking for a job for too long. A good recruiter will help their candidates by preparing them for a wide range of interviews. Most often, a candidate would want to be informed about how things develop after the interview. You should try to oblige them. It is bad to keep candidates waiting and not reply to them.

Try to keep in touch with the candidate. Even if the employer has not given you a reply, it will do the candidate a whole lot of good if you update them on the current situation of things.

Poor Interview Etiquettes

People tend to blame the candidate for failing an interview. The truth, however, is that hiring managers cannot be exonerated from this. What recruiters often do is to intimidate their candidates, setting up tension in them in the process. As a result of this, the candidate might be jittery and unable to deliver their best. As a recruiter, you should endeavor to smile to your candidates, assure them and make them feel at home. Do not ask silly questions that can put them in tension. This will ensure that they will give as much information about themselves as possible, and you will be able to make informed decisions based on this.